My 15 month old is hitting me?

My 15 is usually a very happy baby but when he gets upset or even just over excited he hits me--in the face. At this point I just take his hand and hold it and look him the eye and say, "Don't hit mommy, that hurts."

I know he's too young to control all of his actions and to understand at this point--but is there anything else I should do? I didn't have this problem with my older son so this is new for me. Thanks in advance for all your help!


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    I've been through the same thing with my daughter. I did the same as you, as you know, sometimes some repitition is all it takes for them to learn. I also try to set an example. I tell my daughter "Mommy doesn't hit you, you don't hit Mommy." Kind of like, I don't do it, so she doesn't have a reason to either. As she's gotten older, now 2, if I tell her once not to hit, then I use the time-out threat. I usually don't have to actually put her for a time out, cuz she stops since she knows better. You are doing great, and doing all you can do at this point to teach him right.

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    I have three boys of my own and my youngest, who's now 2 did this as well when he was about your son's age. You are going about it the right way with explaining to him that it hurts mommy but i also found that you if take his hand afterwards and tap his fingers, they start to learn that, hitting mommy results in his hands being spanked. Don't smack his hand hard but enough to let him know that he can not do that. Also time out worked pretty good for my son. Every time he hit me, I told him in a firm voice " You don't hit mommy, it's not nice" and i also told him that he was getting a time out and made him sit for 2mins. If he got up, put him back on the couch and the time starts over. ( they say to make the timeout time, 1 minute for each year of their age) My son eventually stopped doing this so I'm pretty sure its just a phase that some kids go through and he should out grow it. With my first two boys, I simply had to say " Don't hit, that's bad" and they burst into tears so not every child does this. Don't worry, your little boy will stop soon enough. Good Luck and Merry Christmas.

    Source(s): Mom of three boys. 4, 3 and 2yrs old
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    Oh boy! I have an 18month old boy who was doing the same thing to me!!! I finally got so fed up that i put him in time-out one day. I held him in a chair while he flung and kicked and screamed. The whole time I calmly kept saying to him "no hit mama" and "you're in time out because you hit me." After about 2 min he, all the sudden, stopped and actually started listening to me. I asked him if he could be a good boy and I let him down. I've had to do that about 2 more times but guess what...he doesn't hit me anymore! I'm sure he will eventually, but I can handle it now. I honestly didn't think he would understand time-out, but he did. I realized that our kids won't know how to control their actions unless you gently lead them in the right direction with loving discipline. 15 months is not too young to start shaping his will without breaking his spirit. Good luck!

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    The best thing to do if your child hits, is to immediately remove him from any situation he is in, while saying the words, "We don't hit." Sometimes hitting behavior is connected to a child's frustration with being unable to express himself in words. As your son becomes more verbal, this behavior may very likely wane. Meanwhile, it's important to continue to give him the message that hitting is unacceptable. And, see if you can get him to tell you what is bothering him with whatever words he has. Eventually, he will get the idea that we talk about what is bothering us, rather than hit.

    Hoe this helps....good luck

    Source(s): Mother of four
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    You are doing the right thing, they really are not hitting to hurt you. Small children flail at anything when they are frustrated or really daughter hits the floor, toys, me and anything in her way. Your consistency will pay off..I promise. My daughter does the same thing and I tell her exactly what you do, I also tell her she has to be nice and I take her hand and pat the top of my head or my cheek..or we start clapping. Clapping seems to let her release the pent up energy...By being gentle you are teaching your son to achieve his own self control which gives a child a vast amount of confidence...that is much better than teaching your children not to hit because of fear of retribution which is what parents who hit their children back are teaching, it doesn't teach them not to hit, it teaches them to only hit those who can't hit back.

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    Sit him in time out and make him sit on his hands for about 1 to 3 minutes. (This seems a long time at that age for the little guy.) Just make sure his palms are faced down under him. We do not want pain, just no fidgeting. Let him know he did wrong and sitting on his hands prevents him from fidgeting and lets him know the offending hands are not allowed to do anything during this time. Hope this works! It did for my kid when he was little as he tried doing the same thing.

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    You are doing the right thing. My 16 month old son does the same thing. You need to look him directly in the eye while holding his arms and firmly tell him just what you are telling him. Eventually, it will kick in that he is not to do that.

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    he can controle it, he just doesnt. i am 17 and i have been doing everything the same from when i was 12, it i all good stuff, i would never hit a girl or let anyone else hit a girl.

    you must find out what it is that makes him do that. is there something traumatic that happened to him? something like an older person doing something to him.

    there is a reason for him doing it and it needs to be put to an end, if you figure out what the cause is then you can stop that behavior

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    EVERYONE is different. Don't expect your 15 month old to be the same as your other child. Different approaches are to be taken when it comes to disciplining your child. Let your child know that you are the mother - your kid needs an authoritative figure.

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    Maybe he is hitting you because you are not a very nice woman, and I am saying this in response to a snotty answer you gave me involving the custody of my children. I didn't ask for the answer you gave me.

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