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What is the difference between the President of Iraq and the Prime Minister of Iraq?

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    One hand feeds the other....

    and they both "smack" the face.

    will this do?

  • In most countries that have a President and a Prime Minister, the President is mostly a ceremonial position, and it is the Prime Minister who actually runs the government.

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    In countries that have both positions, it's a separation of Head of State from Head of Government.

    The Head of Government is, well, just that -- the main person in the government, the person with all the real power. If a country has a prime minister, you can count on that person being the Head of Government.

    The Head of State is someone who is ceremonial. They may have some limited powers as a balance to the country's legislature. In a constitutional monarchy, the king or queen is the head of state. For example, in the UK, Queen Elizabeth is the head of state.

    In the United States, the president is both the head of state and the head of government.

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    One is the ceremonial figurehead of the government (meaning less or no practical power) and the latter one is (supposedly) running the day to day activities of the state (having the real power).

    They are both puppets/beeches of George Bush though.

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    absolutely there are no differences between them because both of them are controlled by usa

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    No difference. Neither of them have the balls to run their country.

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    not much

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