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my brest milk is getting less nd less what can i do?

i have been brest feeding and pimping my milk for just over 2 weeks and i think i supressed my milk by waring a realy tight sports bra to bed the last 4 days, could that mess up my milk production, and what can i do about it?

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    yes that can mess with your supply. If you are still making milk, keep breastfeeding and pumping. The more demand there is for the breastmilk, the more your body will supply. That is what the nurses told me when I was having trouble. Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

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    The sports bra shouldn't effect your milk, they can actually help with the discomfort. All I can suggest is nurse often and pump often, Breast milk is all about supply and demand. So long as there is a demand, your body will produce it. I had similar concerns with my first baby at about 2 weeks and that's what my doctor told me. I just kept at it and everything worked out.

    DO NOT under any circumstances give the baby a bottle! It can seriously confuse the baby because nursing a bottle and nursing a mommy are totally opposite movements of tounge and lips and cheeks and they can't tell yet when to do what. Don't give bottle until at least 6 weeks. Bottle feeding is easier on the baby and they will usually prefer it to Mommy. Trust me, even if it feels like they're not getting enough, just keep nursing, and nurse frequently. The baby will get enough and your body will begin to know what is expected of it. Hang in there.

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    You shouldn't be losing milk as long as you are not skipping or delaying feedings. Keep nursing on demand and pump after feedings to help build up your supply. Don't wear a sports bra to bed it is too restictive. Buy a comfortable sleep bra,found at maternity stores for like $11. Good luck and keep it up.

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    First thing is stop wearing the sports bra to bed. Continue breastfeeding and your milk will come back. Don't worry about not having enough milk for the baby because it will regulate itself just like right after you have a baby you have an over abundance of milk and it regulates itself to meet the baby's needs. Your milk could be slowing down to meet the baby's needs now. It does take about a month to settle down. Let me know if you need more help. I successfully breastfed all five of my babies.

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    Just pump as much as you can to try to up production. Wearing a tight bra, I believe, can lower the amount of milk. I always started going dry when my kids hit about 10 months so if you are ready to start weaning the baby to some other food you may want to start now just in case. Good luck.

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    Get a nursing bra and nursing pads. My son is 8 weeks old I went out like two weeks ago and my milk supply dropped some so. I started feeding him every hour or so and if he wanted to suck 15 minutes after eating I'd feed him it brought my milk supply back up and now we're both happy

  • It can mess with your production. I would pump more often and drink more water to help your body produce more milk. However, keep in mind that not all women are able to produce enough breastmilk and end up having to supplement with formula. If the extra pumping and water doesn't help, I would suggest contacting your pediatrician or OB/GYN for more advice.

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    few things to try:

    1. drinks more fluids IF you are not drinking enough.

    2. pump every 3 hours or more frequent...this will tell ur mind u need milk. even if nothing comes up, sit and pump for 10 minutes.

    3. try fenugreek....friends swear by it.

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    Try pumping more and more. breast milk works on supply and demand type of thing. If you pump more it thinks you need more so it makes more.

    Drink lots of water also

    here is a good link.

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