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What happens to a dog's heat cycle when they get pregnant?

I tell my guys not to leave my girl out alone when she's in heat, but, you know how that goes. Her heat cycle slowed down after one day and that's not usual for her.

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  • D
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    The heat cycle stops, but it wouldn't be that quickly. They finish the one that they are on, and just do not start another one. Also, if she is showing signs that she is pregnant- get her checked out to see if she actually is- it is pretty common for does to go through a psuedopregnancy where they get to the point of even lactating, but still aren't pregnant.

    To be on the safe side, if you do not plan on breeding, please get your dog spayed.

  • Diana
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    First of all, what do you mean by slowed down? Not really sure what you're talking about there.

    The best thing you to do is to have your dog spayed, therefore eliminating the heat cycle all together and avoiding any chances of her getting pregnant and contributing to pet over population, neglect and abuse.

    Statistics everywhere show that altered dogs (spayed or castrated) live longer, healthier lives. Being spayed before the first heat cycle lowers the risk of mammary cancer by 100%, and spaying after the first heat cycle will cut it by 80%. The more times she comes in to heat, the higher her chances of mammary cancer (50% of which are malignant, and 50% of which metastasize to other organs). Dogs do not have to have a heat cycle or have a litter before getting spayed. Thes best and healthiest for them to to be spayed at 4-6 months of age.

    By spaying her (removing the ovaries and uterus) you completely eliminate the chance of her ever getting a pyometra - a uterine infection that can kill her and of which the cure is to have her spayed. You also eliminate the chance of her every getting pregnant and requiring a c-section.

    Puppies are cute, but seeing a dog die of mammary cancer and bleeding out is not. Puppies are fun, but seeing a dog with a ruptured uterus is not. Puppies are full of love, but the people who breed them to make money and sell them to people who abuse, neglect or toss them into shelters when they are no longer wanted -- are not.

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    first of all, have her spayed because of the fact she is a mutt and we've already got too many illbred canines in shelters. and don't you dare tell me that she is a "clothier canines breed." it incredibly is achieveable that it incredibly is a faux being pregnant. Are her nipples in any respect swollen like she has milk? Is she itching plenty like she has warm spots? it incredibly is achieveable which you probably did no longer take adequate care gazing collectively as she replaced into outdoors, inflicting an unpredicted tie and being pregnant. additionally, each so often canines hormones, in simple terms like human beings, stay slightly wacky for a good chew of time the two previously and after the cycle for as much as a month, so it would desire to be no longer something. you would be able to desire to hold her to the vet to ascertain, for you to do if this maintains.

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    they are receptive after the first 5 days of heat, are u sure she came in heat just one day back.If thats the case she is going to be in heat soon.It happens rarely

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  • DP
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    It stops til the litter is whelped, and then she'll return to her

    normal cycle... Assuming that she was normal before.

  • Anonymous
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    It just goes away their pregnant,and thats the purpose of heat.

    good luck!

  • easy solution. get her spayed. no more problems and less unwanted dogs in the shelters.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yep, get your dog spayed and your problem will be solved.

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