Pregnant and about to date: How does it work out?

I'm a little over 10 weeks pregnant, and i'm starting to want to date again. The father of my baby is obviously still somewhat in my life because, well, it is his kid after all. I want to start dating for many reasons, but I just have a feeling that guys will be turned off by a "knocked up chick." I'm definitely not going to lie about being pregnant, because obviously that's not something that I can really hide. So, ladies, any advice? And guys: what do you think? Would you ever date a pregnant chick?

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    i thank pregnant women are sexy? i heard they get a lil wetter..... well a lot wetter. let me find out

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    Right now you need to concentrate on making sure you have a healthy baby, not concentrating on a social life.

    You and the father of your unborn baby should be working on YOUR RELATIONSHIP and what sort of relationship he will have with your child.

    Are you still in school? Under age twenty-one?

    Then your SECOND PRIORITY should be finishing school and learing a trade or aquiring job skills so you can be SELF SUFFICIENT should you end up being a single mom.

    And if you are under eighteen, consider placing your child up for adoption. Children raised by children are at a big disadvantage as they grow up. Many times unwed young mothers and their resulting dysfunctional lives become multigenerational dysfunctional families. These families are often on and off welfare, and the children become problems to society. These children often never finish school.

    Until you make the RIGHT and PROPER decisions for you and your child, a social life is the least of your concerns. And in most cases that means you and the baby's father relinquishing custody and having the baby adopted by a stable, mature MARRIED COUPLE consisting of a mother and FATHER.

    Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Social Services help young women in situations like yours.

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    why dont u just date the father?? why would any guy want to date a woman who is already knocked up by some other guy?? I agree with the first guy, you have alot of growing up to do.

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    It doesn't work.

    Why would I want o date a chick pregnant by someone else? HUGE turnoff.

    No you can't date, unless its the father your dating. If he's not worth dating, you shouldn't have had sex with him in the first place!

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    shame the father not more grow up. what cant i do witha pregnet lady that i cant to with a non. pregent is still sexy. never dated one . it may be hard for some guys to get over it think will she leave me will the child attach to bf quicker then the father? im 38 m live east coast usa

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    I think you have allot of growing up to do.

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