Do community Colleges often offer alot of classes during the summer?

I need to get 24 or more credits before this fall to be eligible to transfer to a university, and Im taking as many as I can in spring, can I take 3 classes of general education in the summer? such as a natural science( which by the way I dont know what is considered that, is zoology??) and English Comp II, and maybe even a math, or political science?

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  • Wundt
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    1 decade ago
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    Many do.

    Many high school students take summer classes at community colleges to try and graduate sooner or with college credit. Also, many college students take courses are community colleges during the summer because they assume they are usually easier and cheaper than at a 4 year college, and so it is a way to get rid of difficult requirements.

    However, you will need to check with the individual college. If they don't have next summer's schedule ready, ask to see last summer's so you know what sort and how many classes are offered.

  • Carly
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    4 years ago

    Any community college that's worth a crap will offer chemistry over the summer.

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    I'm in community college and they DO offer online and regular classes over the summer If you call directory assistance (411 where i live) they can get you the number for the college and if you call they can tell you about what they offer for the summer Or you can go to their website if you don't know the website call and they will tell you how to find what your looking for on the site

    hope i helped

  • 1 decade ago

    I know the one I attended did, both on campus and online and I've done both. One thing you want to watch though is to do so many credit hours during the summer, you won't have much of a life. They cram it all into 8 weeks or less instead of the usual length.

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