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Should I stay where I am, or find another job?

The Administrator has moved us to different offices to make room for several new employees. When I told her I'm not happy where she put me with two of my co-workers and am thinking of getting a different job, she said she's real sorry to hear that but just make sure I put in my resignation letter. I've been working at this job for four years before being moved into a different office. I love the job and the work but not these two co-workers. Should I stay where I am and "grin and bear it", or should I get another job that's closer to home where I make more money and possibly end up not being happy and regretting leaving my other job?

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    Well I would say before you quit...make sure you have another job.

    Also...while you are where you are, do your best and don't slack off. Your boss might realize your an asset to the company and give you what you want. But if not, at least you will have a good reference for another job.

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    I agree with yru1too .

    The first mistake was approaching the situation the way you did, NEVER threaten a boss or manager that you will leave unless you are the best thing that ever happened to the company. You CAN be replaced...

    make a pros's and con's list, what do you like about the job and what bothers you enough to want to quit... After doing so, look through classifieds and Hot Jobs or Career builder for the openings available close to your home, if you see something you like, apply try to get an interview, basically get a feel of what is out there, maybe you might find something that interests you?

    If a job transition sounds too risky then apologize to the manager for threatening her and say that you love your job and what you are doing but you are distracted by the co-workers around you, then politely ask if she/he can switch you to another location.

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    Not to sound rude, but you aren't paid to sit and gab with your co-workers, you are paid to go to work do your job and go home. In most jobs you are going to find someone you just don't care for, but that is not your boss's problem it is yours to deal with. I'm sure when they hired you they weren't concerned about what would happen if they had to move your office.

    Working in an elementary school I have had to move my whole class room in one day with one days notice during the school year. If you know anything about kids you know that can be very disruptive to the learning environment having to readjust... But, it is a fact of life that we have to do things we don't want to.

    You are right, you might go to a new job and hate it. Weigh out all your options and be rational. The one thing I don't recommend is you go around threatening to leave unless you plan on it. No matter how good we are at what we do we are all replaceable.

    Good Luck

    Have a GREAT day!

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    If you really like the job and the work, then I would try to bear it for a while and see how it goes. Maybe you can scope things out and find another coworker who wouldn't mind switching desks with you. If not, start bringing a small candy stash to work to share with the 2 annoying coworkers. Then, when you ask them to stop doing whatever they do that bugs you, you won't seem so bad. If you really can't deal with them, start looking. I've found that each job I've left has had some kind of little perk better than the last job... like desk location.

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    DEPENDS ON STATUS OF OTHER EMPLOYEES. If they are harassing you you need to see your HR person. But this isn't high school anymore don't let other people make your decisions for you. If you take the other employees out of the question?? then do you want to stay??? If so you need to contact your supervisor's supervisor.

    always get a lawyer involved

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    this is a personal question you need to answer this one for you self.. but i do have some advice, go with your instinct and where you think is going to make you happy.

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