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What is the most important philosophical belief in your own mind?

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    My most important philosophical belief is that everyone deserves to be happy, and anything you can do to spread the most joy is what you need to do. There is no person who does not count. There is no nation that deserves no help. We only have to pick the right people and nations to help so that we do not destroy ourselves in the process.

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    Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Newton, Descarts , Darwin, Hobbs, Rousseau, Voltare, Kant, Machiavelli, Dante, Capernicus, Galileo, St. Augustine, Ovid, Cicero, Marcus Aurilius, Pathagoras, Hesiod, Thomas extra, Erasmus, Euripides, Sophicles, Shakespeare, Apulius, Marx, St. Thomas Aquinus and distinctive extra. somewhat distinctive those historic authors, philosophers, religious figures and poets had wonderful issues to declare.

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    That one must keep an open mind and constantly revaluate. Not that one shouldnt have beliefs or act upon them, but that they should always subject those beliefs to every new peice of evidence that they aquire and be willing to change them if the evidence warrents it.

    As the great prophet Nietzsche said, "Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies."

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    The most IGNORANT philosophical belief is Christless Christianity, which is largely practiced in the mainstream churches of today.

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    Godel Incompleteness Theorem. It states in mathematical precision the exact nature of the problem of epistemology, which is that we ultimately can know nothing, because at some point, you have to start with an unprovable axiom.

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    That humans create their own Karma.

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    That there is one God, that He created me in His image, that I am a fallen creature thanks to Adam, that Jesus came and died so that I might live, that I accept His free gift of Salvation, that He is coming again. Is that more than one?

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    The one commandment of kahunaism "Harm nothing with hatred".

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    survival of the human race

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    Tolerance. This does not imly acceptance, just that we be tolerant.

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