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tough L.O.V.E?

heey y'all...lsn ..i feel as if boyfrnd is like..."bored"from our relation ship ..i havent seen him for weeks..cuz i have exams ..n it rele hurts when u feel ur not giving the best of u to the one u luv..a week ago we were sooo on cloud number nine..but now i dunu wut happened to so romantic but not fun enough i guess....wut shall i do?

gv me some cute warm romantic fun ideas or things i can say to him.. cuz i suck at doin things better ..many thanx =*

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    hey! maybe he like to give a little bit of time for you to study! perhaps like that!you know boyfriend can be very distructable! but you can ask him he is boyfreind you say! so you have the right to know what is happening to him!what is the problem before you give conclusion! or there might be a special things he do that he didn't like to bother you,you know guy's they are very secretive ha! thats why we ladies has a chance to unluck that on them! just believe in him! show it to him much you love him! and with that he will share some ideas with you!

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