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What happens when you get a pedicure?

Are they actually able to get rid of all the thick calluses and flaky dryness on your feet?

My skin is so dry now from winter and the cold weather!

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    Yes! A pedicure is to eliminate all the thick calluses and flaky dryness on your feet. You can get a good one at those asiatic shops (Korean, Vietnamese, etc) for $20-25 dollars (both feet), or go to a Mario Tricocci style shop and you will pay $50 (same thing) and you will get a free Country farm lemonade.

    BUT at both places: don't forget , they expect 15 or 20 or even 25 % tip!! good luck!

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    Please do this!! A pedicure is by far the most inexpensive luxury ever!! Depending on where you go they will massage your legs (up to your knees), place warm towels on your legs, and scrub your feet to get rid of all the yucky stuff!! All this for $20.00- $30.00 dollars!! It's so relaxing and makes your feet look so... sexy!!

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    i don't think so. pedicure is only focus on your toes. apply some cream onto your feet before sleeping. that might solve your problem in the long run.

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    I continuously have my toe nails cut back before i'm getting a pedicure. i do not fairly want someone having to cut back my toe nails. i do not imagine they cut back your toe nails. i imagine they actually structure them.

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    Getting a pedicure is absolutely fabulous. I love it! A pedicure will make you feel like you have new feet. If you've never tried it, PLEASE do so. It's ok if it tickles a bit.

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    Yes, it is wonderful! I get one all the time esp in summer cuz I go barefoot so much.

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    check the links below for beauty tips to:--Nailcare/Manicure/Pedicure

    French pedicure/frech manicure

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    I don't know because my gf tried it on me and she kept jabbing my toes with some needle so I shut down the beauty parlor.

  • yes they can get rid of will make u feel much much better!

  • yes they will love it...i get one every week...regardless winter,fall,summer, or spring...its healthy also

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