How could an electrical surge affect electronics in different rooms?

So last night, I had the unfortunate experience of my XBOX360 randomly switching off and giving me the 3 red flashing lights (hardware failure/issue). My question is though how in the other room, the only thing that flashed off and on was a stereo receiver which is attached to a surge protector? The puzzling part for me is how only 1 thing out of 6 on the same surge protector in the other room experienced what I would describe as a power surge and if the Xbox in the other room somehow caused it or if the stero somehow caused the XBox surge.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well the electricity in your home is divided up in yoru circuitbreaker. Your Xbox and stereo reciever may have been on the same circuit that experienced the surge. They don't need to be in the same room to be on the same circuit. If only one device attached to a surge protector was hit, then I'd recommend not using the port it was plugged into again.

    Surge protectors are not perfect and occasionally there will be a bad port that a surge can get through. I had my entire computer, monitor and all, fried by a surge when it was plugged into a surge protector.

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    The secret is in the power supply design. Some have more sensitive surge protection than others. A few years ago our beloved PUD inadvertently kicked 220 vac down the line for about 30 hertz (1/2 second). It fried the microwave controller, every digital clock in the house, the coffee pot, one of 2 VCR's (both plugged in) but left a computer (no UPS) and 2 TV's alone. Most "surge protectors" don't work, they are too slow to trip. Always use a UPS unit for valuable electronics.

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    all the wiring in your house is linked together

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