hey all you girls out there i was wnating to ask all of yall a question wat do yall be doin when yall go out?

my fiance always goes out with her friends and don't get back till 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning and i love her alot but its just there is no reason to stay out that late with just girls and she always tells me to call her on her house phone but she never answers cause she is neva there she uses the excuse her phone is broken and always gets off the phone with me we have never talked longer then 15 minutes and i just wanna know wat do yall girls and women think ok thx alot luv u all


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    dont jump to the idea that she is cheating she might actually be out with just the girls. you need to talk to her and tell her how you feel about her staying out soo late. because when you two are married she cant be staying out soo late. so you guys need to communicate about how you feel about this situation. Good Luck!

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    well we mainly talk about stuff if she is staying out till like 6 or 7 in the morning then you should let her be. she probably loves you but she will be getting married soon right? well we have a lot of stuff to take care of till the big day. their are the plans, dresses, invitations, gifts, and their is a lot of pressure on us. just let her have her space and stop being so nosy.

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    My guy is an same. My rule is that he can keep his old mags for 'lonely nites' yet i visit thoroughly explode if he buys one or searches new porn. Why? because he has a girlfriend, he doesn't choose that ****. Plus, being a common female, i'm getting jealous of him lookin at thoroughly bare porn stars. don't like it in any respect.

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    I be talkin to to men dat know how to talk right.

    Go get your GED Pimp

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    1 decade ago

    She should at least tell you where she's going and who she's with. If she constantly does this, how's she spending time with you, her friance?

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