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My hot water tank pilot light will NOT light?

Note: When I turn red knob to "On" the I can hear the gas going.

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    you need to put the knob on pilot, press down on it, and then try to light the pilot. hold the knob down for 15 to 30 seconds before letting up on the knob. and then put the knob on on. if the pilot goes out then 99 out of a 100 your thermal coupling is bad. it is the little rod with the wire that's right by where the pilot light should be. it tells the gas valve if there is a flame or not. replace that and see if it works.

    if the gas is coming on when you put the knob on the on position without the pilot light being lit, then there is something wrong with the gas valve and you should have a professional look at it!!!

  • bob r
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    Don't Try To Light Pilot u need a new control.

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