When Muslim women choose to dress like Mary, why do people say she should reveal more skin?WouldTheyAskMary?

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    Hey, Mariam's a Muslim too? and 600 years before Mohamed?! That's a neat trick. Sorry, that's really aimed at Badra.

    Not sure who's saying she should reveal more skin but the garb worn in the middle east is a good preventive action for skin cancer. Maybe the imperative tha Muslim women cover all their skin is just one of those things that doctrine got *right* and that also makes scientific sense. When Mohamed walked the earth they didn't know what we know today about sunscreen or avoiding excessive exposure to the sun in one's teen years. Bottom line Mary could expose more flesh today.

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    Badra is not lying, she is right. Mary (Mariam peace be upon her) was a Muslim even before Prophet Muhammad came along. And to answer the question, wearing a veil or in my term purdah is a choice given to us Muslims and not all Muslim ladies have to use it. Those who choose to wear them are grasping the religion with better respect than those who aren't. I'm not saying who are not wearing one is not a dedicated Muslim, I'm simply saying that they are having a better inner peace and are closer to Allah by doing so.

    Back to the question, what is the use of showing more skin actually? What does it really mean actually when you show more skin? I'd like to know that. Ask yourself that first.

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    I never saw Mary's Dress?

    But I like the way the Muslim women dress, very Modest, and decent.

    A woman should take pride in herself, and her body, not for all men to see her breast in bathing suite, and shorts that show her back side, once you see it, do you still want it when you know everyone else already see it and probably have it???

    some women dress like hookers, cheap and slutty, and then get mad when a man approaches them and disrespects them, if you dress like a slut, don't expect to be treated with respect, or even taken seriously.

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    Mary lived in a time and a culture that was repressive toward women. We don't.

    It has been well said that one can judge the advancement of civilization of a culture by the status of the women in it.

    P.S. Jesus treated women as equals to men in every way.

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    Masks are illegal in some public places. Surveillance cameras have to be able to see the whole face.

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    Because Mary (Mariam peace be upon her) was a Muslim herself and she is also a role model for us!

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    Hey badra , where did you get that lie.?

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