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Skin-Care creams for late 20’s?

Hi, I’m in my late 20’s and the first signs of damage have come under my eyes in the form of two lines. Because of this, I’m planning to start with anti-wrinkle creams. I’m planning to try olay range and I’m a bit confused with all their products.

I have a dry skin and I need to moisturize my skin well. I don’t have any wrinkles on my face apart from two lines under my eyes. Basically, I’m looking for a cream that will prevent the onset of wrinkles and also provide good moisturizing, glow, radiance and softness to my skin. Can you advise me on the following three ranges of olay:

•Total effects



I think that total effects is for after wrinkles, regenerist is for mature skin while defininty is for prevention – these r just my thoughts….i would be grateful if you guys out there could help me with this.

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    First of all, Regenerist is for wrinked, damaged skin. A friend had the same problem. To be honest, I do not recommend Oil of Olay at all for women in their twenties. It is meant for older skin. You only need four products for beautiful skin. Since you have dry skin stay away from any product that has salysalic acid and benzol peroxide since they will make your skin very dry. Neutorgena daily face wash is very gentle, follow with a toner, again without drying agents, also make sure it is alcohol free, there is one from Loreal I forgot it's name but I know it is pink. Only use it on your forhead, nose, and chin to prevent sebum from developing, then moisturize! I don't know if you have sensitive skin, or what your ethnicity is but there is an amazing universally great product available, Ahava Dermud intensive moisturizer, it comes in two froms, one a cream and the other lotion, they work the same. I want you to know I recommended the Ahava to one young woman, she picked my answer as the best and emailed me a week after using it saying her skin looks amazing. You also need to exfoliate every three to four days instead of toning. Pick something gentle, Mary Kay has a three in one exfoliator, cleanser, and toner but again, only use it as an exfoliator every three to four days. I have all the products I recommend and I have great skin. You can see a close up of my face in yahoo! profiles under alexandra248. The products are also within the same price range as what you are looking for. One last thing, please do not use anti wrinke creams yet. They are for serious damage and if you start now, your skin will depend on it. Once you are moisturized, your wrinkles should go away.

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    you always want to have some kind of moisturizer on your face if keeps your skin healthy and the less chance you'll have from skin damage. Olay products are very good, but I've found that many people don't like the way they make their skin feel what not I recommend using the Regenerist if you have any damage and from now on find a product that has a SPF of at least 15 Nivea makes many products and I've never heard anything bad about it.

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    You can try Arbonne's Anti-aging line. It's botanically based and works great! I'm 29 and I use it!

    Go to the website and click the contact link to request a free sample.


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