coolant low?

I recently replaced my thermostat and my water pump because the water pump was bad and causing my car to over heat.. Now a week later my temp gage goes back and forth... (its not over heating) My heat temp is not normal.. They told me to check the it possible that my levels are low?????


97 lumina chevy

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    Coolant levels should be checked as often as your oild level. Check your coolant. If the level is fine, go from there. Don't pay a mechanic for something that dumb...

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    Yes, most definitely. You probably need to "burp" the system. Start with a COLD engine, and remove the radiator cap. Start the car and let it run for a few minutes, keeping an eye on the level. Add coolant as required while its running. When it appears to be full, and does not fluctuate in level, cap it off. Low coolant level will cause weird jumps in the gage and will starve the heater core, causing the heat not to work. While you're at it, did you put the t-stat in upside down by mistatke?

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    You didn't mention what "kind of car" you have, but many new cars have to be "bled" of air. This is done throug opening special bleed screws when the motor is warm and full of coolant. The manual should tell you the exact procedure for your car, and if you don't have one with the car check with the dealer for your type of car and they can tell you exactly. Is a simple procedure to do, but must be done right otherwise there are areas in the engine that aren't getting cooled properly. Reason that guage goes up and down is that the air, coolant, and steam, are all alternatingly passing the sensor because the system is not full of coolant only.

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    Yes look at the coolant level. do it soon because running the pump dry will ruin it. If there's plenty of coolant then check the wire connections on the temp sensors there's two of them in most modern cars.

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    i would say that the coolant temp sensor is probably bad. however after a tstat and pump change i would make sure your level is good anyway, check it cold in the morning before you start it.

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