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What is the civilian status of a person with a Bad Conduct Discharge from the military?

I know two people who got in trouble while in the military. They were discharged with "BCD's.." Since then, they have been good , honest, hard working citizens. Are they considered "felons?" "Ex-felons?" Not felons, but something else? What is their present and future status as civilians?

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    Their precise status is that they have a federal criminal record. The UCMJ does not have felony and misdemeanor offenses, however.

    That said, different states may impose different "felony-like" civil disabilities (such as losing the right to vote or own a firearm) on people with punitive discharges or who have been convicted of certain offenses.

    Note: A punitive discharge is a discharge given per a court-martial sentence. There are three types - dishonorable, bad conduct discharge, and dismissal (only officers are dismissed).

    Source(s): Manual for Courts-Martial, 2005. I used to be head of legal research for the Air Force District of Washington legal office.
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    Considered turds who couldnt serve their country without acting like idiots. Felons? No. EX-felons? No....respected NO

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    Chicken shiats who didn't want to fight for our country so they did something BAD to get kicked out.

    Wait til "their" conscience catches up with them. Remem...."Do unto others".....

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    Bad Boys....................

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