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if someone calls me a BASTARD on Internet,does it falls under internet crime ?

is there any way to punish him legally ? if yes,then tell me.

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    In legal terms, an assault cannot be mere words alone. This is for face to face conduct. I imagine the threshold for a punishable offense on the internet is much higher.

    If all you were called on the internet was 'bastard', consider yourself lucky.

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    I would let it go. There's more to life than getting hung up on someone calling you a Bastard.... especially on the internet.

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    It all depends on if it was on a instant messenger service. If you did not reply to his or her message, or provoke this name to be used then yes. This can be reported as harassment. If this person lives in your area then go to the local law authority and report it and the most the person can get out of it, is a fine.

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    so if i said you were a fa*got who liked to take it up your butt would you call the fbi on me?? they already have a dea file for me lol oh yeah it would only be slander if it wasn't the truth, and when the police looked into it and found out you are a bastard then they would arrest you for filing a false GET A LIFE!!!! HAHAHAHEHEHE

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  • Verbal assault does injure much of you, I suppose? Internet crime is hoaxes, scams, theft, etc. Not too sure about verbal assault though. I think it falls under internet bully category.

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    it would not hold up in court but if you want to you can reportit as abuse and call it on him as languge abuse and the internet site may or may not kick himoff but whether he is kicked off ido think he should apologize and he should not have said that

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    Hopefully they will get kicked off their your internet provider. Contact them and the police.

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    Heck No. the truth is never a crime.

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    haha NO! what a dumb question, it's no different than someone insulting you in person, you don't have legal recourse just because someone calls you a name you don't like. go cry to mommy instead

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    If you reported that to any authority I'm pretty sure they'd laugh as hard as I did when I first read that.

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