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Why do people believe global warming is a threat, when 30 years ago the threat was cooling and a NEW ice age?

When I was a kid the big threat was a new ice age, and my friends and I used to hear this crap and wonder if we all would have to move to Florida or somewhere hot (from Minnesota). Now its warming and the least likely experts (actors) are the most vocal. Explain? Explain to me where Leonardo DiCaprio gets his expertise? He skipped higher education for limo's, planes, world travel, hot brazilian models, etc... now he's an expert on global warming? Why were average temperatures so much higher in the early 1930's than today? Why were the so cool in the 70's? Why are they high today? Consider earth is young in the big picture and we are thousands of years old, a few decades is in each direction (even a thousand years) isn't even a fraction of the data necessary to determine a long term trend when the history is millions of years??????

Please go back to acting Leo, you are so so at that and the payoff is much better (models, travel, etc...)


OK some of you just don't get "it". The point is there is nothing we can do in 30 years to REALLY affect the earths long term trend, except perhaps nuclear war. The industrial revolution poisoned the earth like nothing else. Remember, refineries haven't increase capacity in years and China/India have only recently begun to put pressure on that. Gas guzzling cars were more prevelent in the 60/70's than today, etc... Remember the Black Forest?

The earth has cycles created by itself, fools. The warmer it gets, the cooler it will eventually get, and vice versa. The Ozone fluctuates too, it is an finite or static object. Now go back to work on something actually productive.

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    Science has indicated that greenhouse gases have had a measurable impact on the climate of the earth. People probably believe that it's a threat because of the melting polar ice caps, stronger and larger storms, longer droughts, shrinking rain forests, floods, a later start to winter, longer summers, warmer oceans, or receding glaciers.

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    It is a issue. If I can remember when we had snow in October though February and that was the norm then and now we might have 7 days in of the year then yes we are seeing global warming. If I can see the change in weather then what has changed. More people, more industry, more oil fields, more cars, and more consumption of the ozone. If we fail to realize that this massive change of weather is "just because" then we better get use to paying more to stay inside.

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    The imminent ice age is just another possible result of global warming. When temperatures in the sea became warmer, more violent storms are made. This can cause excess precipitation and can even cause another ice age. Well, that's only one side of an n-sided object.

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    LOL why do people believe anything? It depends on how persuasive the arguments of the proponents of global warming are. And leo dicaprio was convinced by these arguments and thereby using his celebrity status to convince more people to believe global warming.

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    my theory::: i think:::

    HOT==> ICE AGE==> LESSER ICE AGE==> NORMAL(TODAY)==> LESSER HOT(Global Warming)==> HOT==> Repeat Cycle

    Maybe we are now in the middle of the Normal and the Lesser Hot... but we feel its hotter because of CO2. OverCO2 Production will help speed up to the hot part of the earth... But today were destroying the OZONE LAYER!!!!!!!! If you were at the HOT part the ozone wasn't destroyed....so today WE ARE DESTROYING IT..

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    I have heard that we are supposed to be entering a new ice age. But I suppose the Earth will do what it wants.

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    Because it isn't 30 years ago any more. Things change you know.

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