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If Creationism is right then how do animals adapt to constantly changing environments?

Example Darwin's finches. In isolation genetic drift caused them to develop different characteristics. The exitinction of one of the insects that they preyed on died some would be able to continue to live due to genetic mutations. If God created finches perfect then there would not be any variation and just about any change could mean an extinction.

Did your god decide that he would make finches of different beak sizes to live on each of the galapagos islands?

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    just playing devils advocate but did you see those finches adapt? You say they adapted but how do you know god didn't create all the species 6000 years ago?

    Now I've got to go wash my hands and maybe have a drink - I really hate arguing for such rubbish.

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    There are several errors in your logic. These errors appear to be borne of a desire to cling to your erroneous myths but are cloaked in the guise of pseudo-itellectualism and false scientific thought.

    Creationists do not deny that adaptations take place within species. But you want to take this argument and extend it to adaptations that change species from one to another. This has not been shown in any fossil record or existing set of creatures.

    Then, you arrogantly presume to draw conclusions about God from your flawed logic. Do you not know that God has already told you, "Your thoughts are not my thoughts neither your ways mine."

    Taking a look at the Darwin finches. You say that "if God created finches to be perfect then there would not be any variation." WRONG. To be perfect in this ever changinjg world you would need to be able to adapt. Finches, by your own admission, are able to adapt. Therefore they are perfect. Yet they are all still finches.

    Then you pose the question, "Did your god decide that he would make finches of different beak sizes to live on each of the islands?" Wouldn't have to since they have the ability to adapt.

    Yet still not evolving from a finch to an albatross or a penquin or an iguana or a mouse. hmm.... adaptation but not evolution.

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    It's called speciation. New species do arise, and you could create one if you separate a group of animals from another for a few years, maybe a couple generations. God created distinct kinds, and species are below that on the taxonomic scale. There was probably one feline kind, and the cheetahs, lions, leopards, jaguars, etc are all descended from that one kind, bc the genetic variety was there.

    As animals separated from each other and moved to different locations, they were cut off from the genes in the other animals, and so a new species arose. This isn't evolution, it's a loss of information, bc they no longer have access to the information in the main group. As animals have continued to move throughout the Earth, more species have arisen. Again, this is not evolution, bc genetic information was lost to those groups when animals with that information were separated from them.

    Check out the website for more information.

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    No one with a brain would argue about evolution within a species.Just look at humans.Colder regions Whiter skin,Hotter Darker Skin.There is just NO evidence of one species morphing into another Especially Man!There have been many frauds from the Leakeys back to Nebraska man,Piltdown man and Java Man.But there are no transitional fossils out of the millions found.

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    If you have time to read, please bear with me.

    If you are referring to the God in the Christian Bible, the answer is YES.

    The writers of Genesis were not scientists. They wrote a myth which tells the truth based on their observation and understanding about nature.

    The 13 to 14 species of finches that Darwin talks about are very closely related. In fact, if you are far away from a breeder's cage, you could hardly tell each one from the other.

    Darwin was not aware of the "genes" at his time. In addition, Linus Pauling came much later in the middle of the 20th century and proposed his helical structure of DNA which was totally unknown in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Let me go back to Genesis. The writers of the Bible were not wrong to write, e.g. Chapter One (New American Bible, Catholic Edition)

    1:21 God created the great sea monsters and all kinds of swimming creatures with which the water teems, and all kinds of winged birds. God saw how good it was,

    1:22 and God Blessed them, saying, "Be fertile, multiply, and fill the water of the seas; and let the birds multiply on the earth.:

    1:23 Evening came, and morning followed---the fifth day.

    You see, how spiritually gifted those ancient writers were. They used the words "all kinds of winged birds."

    Darwin merely "classified" those "all kinds of winged birds."

    Also, the fifth day is mentioned. This is figurative writing. Be aware that the time line occurred before our present calendar was invented. In the writers' mind, one day could mean thousands or millions of years in creation.

    If you are an Atheist, what else do you believe. Study those great scientists. Most of them were God fearing (believing) people. They were trying to find answers about God's creation and wisdom because they were awesomely intrigued about those.

    If you observe our surroundings, anything you see have not existed by chance. For example, the complexity of the human eye is always the same. This is also true for the human body. That is why there is Grey's Anatomy book (Not the TV series). Chemical reactions are predictable hence the atoms are arranged in order and obey some laws. The celestial bodies are always the same unless someone could invent more powerful telescope.

    If you do not believe that these are manifestations of God's creations, then who do you believe is the intelligent being responsible for these magnificent creations?

    Jesus Christ, died on the cross only two thousand six years ago. That could only mean a moment in God's intelligent clock of creation. He testified about the existence of God by living among us, died, was buried, resurrected, and join the Father in heaven. He will come again to judge you and I, including the dead. These are facts that even today, are professed and embraced by more than one billion Christians. Furthermore, you can visit the "host" in various places in Europe preserved as a true human tissue. You can also visit places of saints whose bodies are naturally preserved and scented that has never undergone rigor mortis.

    Someday, I intend to see these places myself because my friends and relatives are always talking about these places whenever they visit Europe. They talked about Bernadette Soubirous whose life-like and bleeding body is preserved without any artificial means. There are more than 100 of these bodies and they were canonized as saints, meaning to say, an example for us to emulate their good deeds, if we could.

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    God only rested on the 7th day. Creation is a

    continuing process. The Lifeforce is at work 24/7

    keeping everything in existence.

    Are you seeing the sign? 1:11 on the clock?

    Acts 1:11 refers to the Rapture, when Christ will return!

    Source(s): Anthony Silva
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    if that super volcano on yellowstone erupted, do you think the squirrels and wolves and every other creature on earth would immediately become used to extremely low temperatures and darkness and loss of plants? even us humans wouldn't be able to react fast enough. it takes a very long time for an animal to get tuned in with its environment, and sudden changes like a volcano eruption or flood can have bad effects on the species in that area.

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    Evolution is a process not an end. It does not give all the answers. You have fun with fundamental Christians...Main line Christian Churches have always understood can at tact the minority but it is better to understand the majority...sorry you have been mainly exposed to those who tend to only put human narrow ideas into their beliefs because it tends to narrow your responses so that you waste your efforts on those who do not see the big least you ask good questions and try to back it up....some with you view points talk the talk but do not back up their words and that gets very frustrating because they seem to just want to jump on the band wagon and be followers and are on here to bully and put down.

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    Because God created animals to adapt. If you believe we all just evolved from a single celled animal, where did this matter come from before it exploded and sent planets, stars etc scattered far and wide? and why do evolutionist have no proof? they keep getting caught faking evidence )e.g. pilt down man, nebraska man). if u do not believe in God, enjoy your life. take in as much pleasure you can.

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    it still does not negate the fact that they had been created innitially but mutate slightly to adapt to their environements.

    under what circumstances would an amoeba adapt into a finch or a whale.

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