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Ok, a long time ago I was going to GED classes with my husband. He didn't like going so he quit. At the time I didn't have a car, so I had to give up going too. I guess he didn' t want to look stupid or something, so he decided that getting his GED wasn't worth it. I would love for him to go with me to the classes again, but he isn't going to. I don't want to go by myself, because I wanted a study partner. Ya know someone to help me and I could help him. I was wondering if anyone one knew a website to take the classes and test for free. I would like to make more money at my job, but can't do that until I have a diaploma or GED done.

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    1 decade ago
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    The GED test are not that hard. Here is a website that should help:

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    Perhaps the best way to study, and to get him to study, is to get a GED prep book, I'm pretty sure they sell them at Barnes & Noble. If you and your husband get enough practice via the book at home, then maybe he'll gain the confidence to go back to the class.

    In the future though, you have to do this for yourself - don't quit even if he quits.

    Good luck!

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