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asymetrical ?

of course people say it isnt true at all, but being self-concious and picking out flaws not qualities, i think my face is asymetrical in a sense. when i smile, my left cheek balloons unlike the other side and my left eye is smaller to me. i dont know what to ask but i hate it. again people think im crazy but i know i am right...people's faces seem to be equal mine is just half this way half that way (i dont have a disorder or anything)

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    I think everyones face is asymetrical to different degrees though. Thats why people have a good side. I mean no ones face is exactly the same on both sides or their bodies for that matter but its usually hardly noticeable to the naked eye. All women have one breast bigger than the other. Most its such a small difference you would have to stare at them forever to notice while others have up to a cup size difference. I think you are examining your face to much and others probably wouldn't even notice it unless you pointed it out.

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