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What do you give your boyfriend to show him you really love him?

He's shown me he loves me more than anything but i font know what to do to show it back

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    A rose. I don't see anything wrong with giving one to a man. And roses always mean something special ;)

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    A nice romantic weekend would be nice. Buy a package today & set it up for say Valentines Day Weekend. Take him to a cabin in the mountains. Make sure that it has a Hot Tub. From there, you can do whatever you want to show him that you love him.

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    hey adri!!

    hmmm i will gift him red roses with a sweet tender kiss.. and a v ery gud hug that makes him comfortable and whispeer in his hears that i am here for u when u face both failure and success. and say i love big as the world is....

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    1 decade ago

    What do you want to do-stop a bullet for him,tear your heart out and hand him?You are stupid if you think have to do anything.Work on your low selfesteem.

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