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how to become a good artist?

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    I wouldn't call it "practice" - more like do, do, do. The two most important things would be to just continually make art, and the other being searching out other artists and artwork. Go to museums, go to the library, go to galleries - look at artwork, study it. Immerse yourself in it.

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    Read "Making It As An Artist" written by professional artist JoAnn DePolo. Gives good tips and advice on becoming and remaining an artist - like how to actually make a living from the art profession. One thing that I got from this book was that you need to be confident in knowing who you are and what purpose your art will serve. The technical part of art takes practice and experimentation until you are comfortable in presenting work in your unique style. Finding a good artist to intern with also will help you become a good artist. Try the book...I know it will help you.

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    It's true that practice is important, but having imagination is equally important. I would say imagine, imagine, imagine. Practice does not just mean honing technical skill and producing work. Practice how you look at the world, and not just with medium in hand.

    Experience the world as a museum and go to museums to see as much formal art as possible. Be drawn in by what moves you and study it, write about it, discuss it with others. Challenge the way you look and think about things in everday life. These things will strengthen your ability to conceptualize and become a good artist.

    Good Luck!

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    No matter what kind of art you're doing, you have to do a lot of it for about 10 years. During that time, learn from as many people you can including people you've met and people you admire from afar. It's a persistance & patience thing. Then you'll be good.

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    Read "Zen and the Art of Archery". My drawing teacher in college had me read it and no other book helped me to be able to look at an object and draw it well. It's not about making the drawing look realistic. It's about catching the "essence" of what you draw. Bottom line, practice practice practice, but don't try too hard. If you try too hard to be perfect, you will fail at it.

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    Be not afraid what other people tells you!

    Do what is coming out deep out of your hearth and start without fear.

    That makes everyone a great artist

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    Like meditation...practice

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    Practice. Have diligence, perseverance and determination. Don't forget creativity.

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    Take art classes and practice, practice, practice!!

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