Since Cheney donated 7 million to charity last year, how much did rich Liberal Democrat give?

His last tax papers show he made 8 million dollars and donated 7 million to charities. Can any Democrat show me a comparable person on their side without making false claims and name calling. I doubt it.


Andy, Buffett and Bill Gates are mega Billionares, I am asking about people in the same league as Cheney.

Update 2:

techx69, thanks for posting like a real liberal. Next time answer the Q or shut up. TYIA

Update 3:


Kennedy, Gore, Kerry. Comeon guys, stop back pedaling and name calling, just one, give me one. You can't can ya.

Update 4:

If you check he sold alot of that stock, liberals Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton own more Halliburton stock than Cheney. NEXT, still no real anwser just leftist drivel. Good God I have a turkey shoot here.

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    geez most dems dont have that kind of money

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    a million. President Obama and well-known woman paid $453,770 in 2010 federal taxes and donated 14% of his gross earnings to charity. additionally they paid $52,000 in Illinois state taxes. 2. Cheney has requested an extension so no one is acquainted with how a lot he's given to charity and his state, Wyoming, does no longer have an earnings tax. 3. Bush has no longer released any suggestion on his 2010 tax/charity challenge. 3. Biden and spouse had $379,178 in adjusted gross earnings and paid $86,626 in federal earnings taxes. They gave $5,350, or a million.4% of their adjusted gross earnings to charity. note: Biden isn't a rich guy. end gazing Fox information.

  • You're contradicting your own principles if you begrudge Liberals from owning stock, and from doing with THEIR money as they see fit. I'd like to see a breakdown of where Cheney gave his money. There's been a big rhetorical jab about conservatives giving more, but a lot of that money goes for propagating religion, and as far as I'm concerned that doesn't count as charity. It's a political donation.

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    As you can see liberals will only take potshots at you 9 out of the 10 richest senators are democrats and most of their charitable donations are pitiful. Just contrast the last 2 Presidents the Bushes had income in one year of about 400,000 and they donated about 176,000 The Clinton's had about the same income one year and donated 8000 plus their underwear. With most liberal it is always do as I say not by example.

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    Was that the money he made off of his Haliburnt stock?

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    It seems to me that Warren Buffet gave away his entire fortune, or nearly all. I don't know his politics, but they're certainly to the left of Cheney.

    Other so-called "liberals" have done the same.

    Cheney gave chump change. When he and Bush leave office, they will be rewarded for their rape of the Treasury and the Middle Class (and their impoverishment of future generations, indenturing them to the Chinese and Japanese) with billions. Even Blair will share in the greedfest.

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    Why doncha go hang yourself-like most of your Iraqi veteran comrades will when they come back in disgrace to your horrible redneck country you f*ggot xx

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    Wow! You are so right! He is compassionate. Now if only he didn't wish his gay daughter in jail or worse, dead.

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