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how is an heisman picked?

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    The Heisman trophy is awarded by a panel of sports writers from six different regions and by all living former winners.

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    Brady Quinn DID NOT WIN BEST QB. I wish people would learn to read the title of awards. It was best OFFENSIVE PLAYER. The best QB was won by TROY SMITH. I swear I am going to look up the award winners for the year and LIST THE AWARD and who won. The Maxwell award doesn't go to the best QB, well it proably does along the line of the Heisman BUT that isn't the real award. Anyway the Heisman is picked by sportswriters and the previous winners.

  • Jeremy
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    large panel of people vote on the heisman candidates.

    Panel is usually made up of coaches and sportswriters

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    Sportswriters select the gayest member of the OSU team.

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    They base it on stats/team winning %/and character/and the hidden stat year of school. Since OSU went undefeated it was a no brainer this year since Troy Smith had a outstanding season. But he didn't win Best QB, it went to Brady Quinn.

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