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do u love ur parents, cousins, brother sister, grandparents and the rest of the family with one type of love?

i mean do u love them all the same? like have one love for all.

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    I have one type of love for my WHOLE family. However, each member I love them differently as an individual. My relationship with each person is different, because we are all different. My mom always said that she loves all of her children the same amount, but loves them differently as well.

  • Beth B
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    I love my immediate family more than the cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. Some of the aunts and uncles, I barely even know, so I would not say that I love them at all. I love one of my sisters way more than the rest of the sibs. I love my mother more than I love my father, because I have more in common with her, she is nicer and we get along so much better. You don't have to love someone just because you are blood related to them.

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    i myself do no longer. My brother takes nicely after my mum and dad. he's a super drug consumer, cheats on his female chum with whom he has a newborn, and aside of those motives, makes an analogous blunders of going back to the medicine and booze everytime he screws up. My youthful sister on the different hand is a glowing occasion of my mom contained in the making. some human beings comprehend a individual who's incredibly egocentric. My sister finally is hugely egocentric, and manipulative (which makes it all the greater serious) by using instinct. She looks to have this raging ambition to make all of people who oppose her depressing. It gets worse, she is single-tracked. except it incredibly is her way, you're incorrect. the international can tell her she's incorrect, and she or he'll in simple terms turn her back on the international. quickly, I do hate my brother, and that i do hate my sister.

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    Well my opinion is way different than everyone elses. I think that you love your family all different. I love my mom like a mom, I love my dad like a dad and so on. So I answer this with true heart and I say NO!!! you love your family in different ways.

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  • Anonymous
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    yes, i love them all the same!

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    Yes. They are blood. That is sacred.

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