Which day is the true sabbath, if Saturday why do most religions worship on Sunday?

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    Pastor Billy says:

    I go to church everyday I'm Catholic :) . Catholics can go any day and there is a usually a Saturday evening Mass which is the highest form of Christian worship that qualifies as the weekly Christian Mass on Sunday.

    The Ten Commandments were originally written to those people who had agreed to God's first covenant. The law on 7th day Sabbath was a memorial of God's first creation the world and everything on it. This first covenant sabbath however can never memorialize or celebrate God's new creation in the resurrection of his son Jesus Christ. Why not? simply because Jesus did not rise on the first covenant sabbath day but as you know from your bible the day..........after. People in general who call themselves Christians go to church on Sunday because this is the day Jesus rose, this is the day that symbolizes our redemption and return to unity with God in covenantal terms. People of the New Testament are people of the new covenant which is sealed in this day of resurrection on the first day of the week the Lord's Day or Dominica.

    Sadly today some psuedo sects like the 7th Day Adventists and others attempt to claim to be remnant churches without ever being a remainder. They argue against authentic Christianity and basically fall into Judaizer heresies. The favorite argument against the Christian calendar never really proves anything except a denial of Jesus Christ and his greatest miracle, the resurrection.

    Celebration of Sunday sabbath or the Lord's day is a sign of our Christian belief in Jesus as the true Messiah it is our covenantal agreement all the moral aspects of first covenant sabbath are still present as Jesus who is the one that makes all things new explained when asked what are the commandments but simply to "Love your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself" this alone sums up the law you wish to stress when arguing sabbath day.

    Please see http://www.cathinsight.com/apologetics/a... for all the poor arguments the Adventists come up with.

    Coundrum your argument doesn't wash, if SUNday is pagan worship, than SATURday is also pagan worship of Saturn.

    Our weekly calendar in the English language is all based on celestial bodies. In the Latin languages the first day is known as the Lord's day in Italian it is known as Domencia, French Dimarche, Spanish the same and so on. You are misunderstanding language and the mere fact that if Sunday is worship of the Sun than naturally by your logic SATURday would be worship of Saturn.

    Once again see http://www.cathinsight.com/apologetics/a...

    Lets examine Coundrum's biblical claims of sabbath

    First off Old Testament examples:

    No need to argue here since the Old Testament in Christian bibles contains the Torah and lesser prophetic writings all given to the first covenant peoples and a sign of this covenant was the ceremonial keeping of the 7th day holy. This is clearly not where disagreement occurs. As new covenant keepers Christians look toward signs of the new covenant such as Christ's resurrection lets examine the New Testament quotes of Coundrum shall we.

    Part 2 NT claims of Coundrum:

    this is what he wrote

    The early church kept the Sabbath

    The apostles kept the Sabbath

    Acts 13:14

    Acts 13:42

    Acts 13:44

    Acts 16:13

    Acts 17:2

    Acts 18:4

    the Gentiles went to Church on Sabbath

    Acts 13:42

    Acts 17:1-4

    Acts 18

    All his supported NT claims come from one book, the book of Acts of the Apostles. What is happening in this book? Primarily the spreading of the gospel, the Christian gospel, evangelisation of those still holding to Judaism and also the conversion of gentiles to the one God made flesh in Jesus revealed.

    Act 13:42-44

    What is going on? Christian church worship? no

    Paul and Barnabas have gone into the synagogue to evangelise.

    Later in Acts13:48-52 we learn they are rejected by these who do not accept Jesus Christ as messiah and so they shook off the dust from their feet. So these examples of Christian worship can't be true as the synagogue peoples did not convert after hearing Paul and Barnabas. The disunity we read of at the end of this chapter clearly indicates these are not Christians but still Jews who keep the first covenant as they should, hence no 7th day sabbath practised by Christians.

    Acts 16:13

    Where does this take place in a church? in a Christian home? in a Jewish synagogue? No by the riverside where people are praying. It is called the sabbath day to the reader who would understand it refers to first covenant sabbath as kept by the Hebrews but who does Paul speak with? Lydia someone not at synagogue for Saturday sabbath. Does Paul break bread as Christians do here? No he does not. His primary goal here is to evangelise people to the fullness of the one faith he is not hence practising Saturday sabbath either especially since he is preaching outside the synagogue on this particular day something he should not be doing if he was to keep it holy like first covenant people.

    Act 17:2

    Lets look to Act 17:3-10 and further and see what this is all about. Once again we learn Paul goes into synagogue because he is evangelising. He is not in agreement with these who he is, I quote "explaining and demonstrating that Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead,and saying, this Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ" Paul mets with these non-believers on the day they gather as they are first covenant peoples and what do they do? They reject the message of Paul and bring the authorities against him. So once again Acts17:2 does not support the idea of Christian worship on the 7th day as first covenant keepers, next example please.

    Act 18 Whats going on here? Saturday sabbath worship by followers of Christ? No once again we read of St. Paul attempting to convert Jews in the synagogue through evangelisation. There is no agreement of unity hence he is not celebrating a Christian worship service on sabbath but using this common meeting place for Jews on the 7th day as an opportunity to evangelise the most people at one time, Paul attempts to reach the largest audience. In fact as you continue to read Paul gets feed up with these people of the sabbath and in Acts18:6 we read, But as they contradicted him [ Paul ] and BLASPHEMED, he shook his garments in protest and said to them, " I am innocent of it. Henceforth I will go to the Gentiles"

    Wow Acts 18 definitely doesn't support your view Coundrum.

    We find Paul frustrated with the people here who even blaspheme and can assume they are doing this against Jesus who they do not accept as the Christ. Can these people of the sabbath be Christians? Absolutely not these once again are first covenant peoples who still meet on the 7th day in numbers and do not listen to Paul's message of Jesus and the new covenant.

    We do read of certain persons coming over to the new faith and messiah Jesus but one can't agree with the idea of 7th day sabbath keeping by new Christians as a rule of law simply because these people of the synagogue do not come over to Christianity but blaspheme against it and Jesus.

    All of Coundrum's NT examples of Christians keeping 7th day sabbath are not true. Coundrum has quoted scripture Out-of-context. The examples given all represent followers of Judaism as we call it today keeping th first covenant agreements as they should do!

    You're in the wrong camp Coundrum. If you wish to keep 7th day sabbath why not just become a believer in Judaism and attempt to enter into that first covenant and all this entails. Basically you've been duped into something that is neither Christian nor Pharisectic Judaism.

    7th day Adventism has been proven false. It was an extension of the Millerite movement from which Ellen G. White and her husband were instructed to disband. The group today teaches anti-Catholicism and uses fear propanganda to recruit new converts. The majority of ex-Catholics and ex-Protestants did not know their faith or they wouldn't have fallen for such propaganda in the first place. As a pseudo-sect of Christianity 7th day Adventism is less than 150 years old, a church claiming to be the remnant should also be a remainder, 7th day Adventist Church doesn't fit the profile.

    Thank you for reading

    Source(s): www.catholicinsight.com www.ewtn.com www.catholic.com www.avemariaradio.net
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    Saturday is the ONLY Sabbath it starts Friday at Sunset and ends Saturday at sunset..

    Why do most people go to church on Sunday there are 11 reasons NONE of them are Biblical. They are NOT supported by the Bible.

    I will explain each of the 11 reasons below it may be a little long. First I need to address two of the earlier comments

    In response to Vicki’s question

    “Why are you assuming that there is a "True Sabbath?"

    Because God says so in the 10 commandments He also says what constitutes it… Rest and Worship Exodus 20:8-11, Leviticus 23

    Deperado is misinformed

    “The Sabbath is for Jews, not for Christians. Christians do not have a Sabbath.”

    NO WHERE does the Bible say that Christians do not Have a Sabbath Hebrews 4 says “There REMAINS a Sabbath for the people of God.” The Greek word used is Sabatismos which literally means “Keeping of the Sabbath”

    The 11 reasons

    1.The early church changed

    NO WHERE in the Bible does the early church say “The new day of worship is Sunday” There is NO verse in the Bible to support this many people say this but they never produce ONE verse not even ONE to support this claim.

    The early church kept the Sabbath

    The apostles kept the Sabbath

    Acts 13:14

    Acts 13:42

    Acts 13:44

    Acts 16:13

    Acts 17:2

    Acts 18:4

    the Gentiles went to Church on Sabbath

    Acts 13:42

    Acts 17:1-4

    Acts 18

    2.Sunday is the new Sabbath because of the resurrection

    No verse in the Bible says worship on Sunday due to the Resurrection. God said that Baptism is symbol of the death and resurrection of Christ

    Colossians 2:12

    Romans 6:3-4

    Galatians 3:27

    3.Jesus fulfilled the law so the Sabbath is gone

    Matt 5:17

    "Do NOT THINK that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I HAVE NOT come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

    does fulfill mean do away with or end

    "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to do away with them.

    Isn’t that the contradictory?

    4.We can’t tell which day

    So, ENTIRE Jewish Nation all over the ENTIRE world woke up one morning and EVERY one of them forgot which day was the Sabbath?

    That is not logical

    The change of the calendar had no effect on the weekly cycle

    The US Naval Observatory and the Royal Observatory both confirm the 7th day Sabbath(Saturday) is the SAME Sabbath that Jesus kept.

    Mark 16 says that Jesus rose the day after the Sabbath. We all know Jesus rose on Sunday... so what day is the Sabbath?

    Some people say “God didn’t name the days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc so we don’t have to keep it.”

    Essentially what these people are saying is because we speak a different language from the Jews we don’t have to do what God says

    5.it does not matter which day WE choose

    God did not say "Pick a day to worship" He said "THE" 7th day is "THE" Sabbath. The word "THE" means a specific item.

    The first person to say "It doesn't matter how we worship God" is Cain. Cain said "It doesn't matter how we worship God as long as we give something God will accept it. God does not care as long as you give and call it holy. Don't be legalistic Abel."

    Was he right?

    Is God specific about what He says.

    6.It was only for the Jews, or The Jewish Sabbath is Saturday and the Christian Sabbath is Sunday

    The Sabbath was given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden 1000 yrs before the first JEW was born Genesis 2:1-3 if they were Jews we all are Jews and STILL need to keep the Sabbath

    There is NO SUCH THING as "The Jewish Sabbath and the Christian Sabbath". There is ONLY ONE Sabbath day regardless of religion, race, nationality or language. The 7th day Sabbath does not belong to the Jews it belongs to God, "I am Lord of the Sabbath" Jesus said. In addition "The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord" Exodus 20:8-11

    7.Sunday has always been the Sabbath

    This contradicts the Mark 16 which says Jesus rose the day after the Sabbath on the first day of the week.

    8.we are under the new covenant

    Hebrews 8:7-12 says

    For if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant, no place would have been sought for another.(What was the problem?) But God found fault with the PEOPLE and said "The time is coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a nEW COVENANT with the house of ISRAEL and with the house of Judah. It will not be like the covenant I made with their forefathers when I took them by the hand to lead them out of Egypt (Why?), because THEY DID NOT REMAIN FAITHFUL TO MY COVENANT, and I turned away from them, declares the Lord. This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time, declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts.

    The Old Covenant- the people failed to keep their part “They said we will do it” Exodus 19:8 and they failed

    The problem with the Old covenant was the people failed to keep it. There was nothing wrong with the law.

    The Old Covenant was based on the people, God says “If you will...then I will” Exodus 19:5

    The New Covenant is based on God, God says “I will and I will”

    Where does God say that He is changing some of the laws? Where does God say that He is doing away with the Sabbath?

    The New covenant, same law

    9.Jesus broke the Sabbath

    If Jesus broke the Sabbath then how can he say “I have kept my Fathers commandments John 15:10

    10.We worship on the lord’s day … Sunday

    Again, NOT ONE verse to support this claim, nor is there any verse in the Bible calling Sunday the Lord's Day. the only days called the Lord's day is the Sabbath(Saturday) and the day of Christ’s 2nd coming

    Exodus 20:8

    Isa 58:13,14

    Matthew 12:8

    Mark 2:28

    Luke 6:5

    Provide ONE verse that calls Sunday the Lord's Day

    11.We worship God everyday

    This is a last ditched effort when people realize they have no Biblical basis to support violating God’s command by ignoring the Sabbath and worshiping on Sunday. It is a way to sound holier than thou willfully disobeying God

    The disciples worshiped God everyday and they ALL kept the Sabbath.

    Jesus prayed to His Father in Heaven everyday in addition to the fact that He is God and He still kept the Sabbath

    Luke 4:16

    Matthew 12:9,10

    Mark 1:21

    Mark 6:2 Luke 4:16

    Luke 4:31

    Luke 13:10

    The Bible shows that If you worship everyday you STILL keep the Sabbath

    If you want more information on the Sabbath you can watch this video or email me


    more info here


    Source(s): Bible
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    The majority of the corporate church believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected on a Sunday. They worship on Sunday to celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.... alive and well to this day and forever. But, if we are to go by the modern American calendar, then the Sabbath is from Friday evening through Saturday evening. And since the Sabbath is commanded to be a day of rest, holy (set aside, or apart), then to worship on the Sabbath could be interpreted by some as profane, seeing that pastors and Bible teachers would be working on that day. Peace.

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    Saturday is the only Sabbath there ever was. Practicing Jews and 'misinformed' religious people worship on Saturday. Christians worship on Sunday the day "Christ" rose from the dead. There may be some "Jewish" Christians who worship on Saturday-but that is okay-they are Jewish. The Sabbath is for Jews, not for Christians. Christians do not have a Sabbath.

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    Saturday is the true Sabbath, the Jewish day of worship. Sunday is the true Christian day of worship. The Apostles chose Sunday because it was more fitting to worship the risen Lord on the day of His glorious Resurrection than on the day He lay dead in the tomb. And so, we read in the Bible that the early Church gathered for worship on the first day of the week.


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    The word Sabbath is Hebrew. It is the day that God told the Israelites to set aside for rest and worship. God rested on the 6th day. Sunday is the first day of the week (look at a calendar) making Saturday the 7th day. Jews celebrate Sabbath at the time of sunset on Friday night, all thru Saturday to the sunset on Saturday night. In ancient days, a day began at sunset. They didn't have clocks back then.

    For Christians, Sabbath isn't a word that is used much. It is rather called "Holy Day" or "day of rest". We see Sunday being the day of rest because Jesus died on a Friday and rose on Sunday. We remember His last supper, suffering, death and resurrection all on Sunday. Receiving the Holy Communion then. But the Church also sees a day beginning at sunset so Christian's holy day masses begin around 4 pm and masses are also held Sunday mornings before noon. The website for the Vatican (the holy see) gives more history to this Church tradition.

    SO--Sabbath for Jews is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. and for Christians it's from Saturday sunset to Sunday sunset. The calendar we have now was made by Julius Caesar. It starts with Sunday and ends with Saturday. He did this to accomodate Judaism. We have stuck to it because it works. We all say the weekend is Sat and Sun but our calendars don't show that. And to Islam, their holy day is Friday. So it all just depends on your faith.

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    The original Sabbath was considered the seventh day and kept a day of rest by Jews as a mark of obedience to God's Command to rest on the seventh day even as He supposedly did after finishing Creation.

    But Christians switched the Sabbath to Sunday in commemoration of Christ's resurrection on the first day of the week. Seventh Day Adventists got steamed about that and they went back to Saturday for their Sabbath. The prophet Mohammed hadda put his oar in and he declared Friday to be the Sabbath (mostly because it would be another way to differentiate his followers from the Jews and Christians).

    Non-monotheistic faiths have no such tradition, but as a society or nation have usually adopted Saturday and Sunday as weekends and allowed working folk to not work at their regular jobs on those days.

    As long as one day a week is granted to God, it really doesn't matter which one. The point is to obey God out of love for Him and His commandments.

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    We are now free from the the Sabbath and the rest of the Old Testament laws as Christ was the fulfillment of the Law. Most now worship on Sunday as the beginning of the week signified the new life and rebirth in Christ. In the book of the Acts of the Apostles, it mentions that the church began to meet on the first day of the week.

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    It's funny how people don't care about important things,

    like putting an ancient sexual symbol in Gods House at

    Christmas time, Jeremiah 10. But raise Cain over inconsequential things.

    Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man. Not man for the Sabbath. It's just a day of rest, because man will work you to death! And a day for spiritual reflection, and staying in tune with our Creator!

    Source(s): Anthony Silva
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    Christ was crucified on Friday and was risen on 3rd day...Sunday...that is why we celebrate Easter on Sunday...the first day...then naturally Saturday should be Saturday...the Catholics changed the Sabbath day to Sunday...The Bible never mentions any names for the days....only as 1,2....7. The seventh adventurist consider Saturday as Sabbath day.

    I am a Protestant Christian and by practice I am worshiping on Sunday

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    Most go on Sunday because Jesus arose on Sunday. So Sunday is the Christian Sabbath. Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath.

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