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If you found 700k money in a brief case what would you do?

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    I would hold it but watch the news. If it came from an honest source it would make the news, but most likely it didn't because there a few honest reason to put that much cash in a briefcase. After a reasonable time of not hearing anything I would start to give it away to people in need. I live in a city with a lot of poor people. An extra $1000 of so would make a difference in their lives.

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    Hide the currency at home. Start using that cash to pay all normal expenses so I can save & invest my entire paycheck every month. Gradually open up several additional bank accounts and occasionally make reasonably small deposits into them. The trick is to not be greedy and not start lusting after a new Porsche or house. Whatever you do, don't deposit $10k or more into a bank at any one time. This way you'll never signal authorities that you suddenly came across a bundle of cash.

    Well I'd do that if I were dishonest. In reality I'd turn it in to the cops and try to get media publicity for being such a swell guy.

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    I would invest in mutual fund while I found a direct use. First I would enrich my life a bit, buy a bowflex maybe and an iPod. Then I woul dmake a business plan, design a club or a building, a movie theatre or somehting that wilkl make a lot of money. Then I will use the money to build it and if i need anymore I will borrow it from banks. I will become a young euntrepenour hwo is freakin rich. I would keep consturcting new companies and businesses and clubs to make me money. When Im old enough I would build a house in Finand an dmove their with my gf who I love sooo mcuh!

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    Bring it to the police. You will have a HELL of a time hiding that much money from the goverment. You can't just go buy a ferrari in cash because they need to see where the money comes from, to show that its not drug money. You can put more the 10k in the bank without problems.

    It would be VERY hard to launder all that money.

    Best thing bring it to the police. After a year and no one claims it its yours.

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    I found a large sum once as a teen. Even tho I returned it, the owner swore I had stolen it and tried to get me arrested, that is why, anymore, I would keep the money and say hell with the former owner.

    Source(s): Mt Ski, you are wrong, we had this happen locally and the damn DEA came and said it was drug money and confiscated it, no reward to finders or even thanks. Just took it.
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    definitely keep it. but 700k is alot of money so i would probably also share some of it amongst family and friends.

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    i do no longer think of there's a trap. the only thank you to truly be responsive to somebody is to verify what they could do in the event that they think of no one's finding. that's what the question is approximately, i think of. individually, i could shop it. then returned, i'm a egocentric biatch, and that i do no longer want a attempt invented by a decrease to be responsive to that. i will indicate out that that is thrilling countless the solutions are approximately the thank you to no longer get caught, no longer whether that is largely incorrect to maintain the money, understanding it wasn't yours.

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    Hey Snitz,

    Got to be honest, I would sit on it, until no one was asking. All the while trying to determine what it came from. That is the topic for another question.

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    I'd buy a Caddy and dish it out with:

    18" spinners

    Chrome paint job

    Custom stereo


    Gold plated grill

    And I'd top it off by icing my teeth.

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    I would be tempted to take it out of the briefcase and stash it elsewhere.

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