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If Aliens millions of years more advanced than us landed and told you all religion was bunkum would you listen

This is a hypothetical question so please no answers saying "That would never happen" or such like. Also no cut and paste scripture I wont read them your own words please!

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    They already have. I'm not much into conspiracy theories, but there is enough evidence to suggest that we've been visited before. The one and only logical reason that the government hasn't "revealed" the "Truth" to the people of the world is that it would literally tear the religious community apart. The people who have already stated that "they would not believe" are indicative of the state of mind that is so "infected" with blindness as to deny the existence of anything that would contradict their beliefs. No one likes to be proven wrong and I truly understand how cruel and dangerous it could be to take away the foundation on which many of these people have built their lives. However, it is equally dangerous to perpetuate the undeniable existence of a faith so strong that it kills the "thinking mind". When and why did so many people stop thinking for themselves. Granted, it is easier to accept than it is to question. Many will say that they "found" their faith after a lifetime of questions and thinking. I would never try to take away the beliefs and faith that people have in their God. Faith is hope. Hope is what keeps us going. It is the fine line that runs between Faith and Logic and Reason that sometimes stops the mind from thinking about the possibilities for the future. The "closed" mind shuts itself off from the wonders of the universe and the endless knowledge that awaits us there. We look at some of the picures of the Universe and say, "who else but God could have created something so beautiful"? Perhaps, that is true.

    The most important and wonderful aspect about this type of forum is that it allows us to express our ideas without the mind bending interruptions that would inevitably happen if this type of discussion were held in a face to face type of way. There are those who would not want to hear any other opinion that disagrees or points out possibilities other than theirs. It is equally aggravating, when in a theorhetical discussion, that someone attempts to explain their "individual" ideas by endlessly quoting passages from the Bible.

    So, the point I'm trying to make is, from your question you have stimulated thought, and in some cases, the lack thereof. Who knows... the aliens might say that religion is a good thing. I'd like to think that they would also add that it is only good when practiced freely and without oppression. After all that. The bottom line and answer to your question is... Yes, I would listen. Thanks for the thought.

  • The fact that a much more advanced alien race landed on Earth teaching humankind lots of things is undeniable: evolution made a big big leap in a very short period of time; and such a drastic change can be justified only by the intervention of a more developed species;)....Sumerians called that alien race Annunaki and to them they were 'Gods'....After all, isn't the nowadays 'God' believers have Faith in, an alien too?;) Meaning that he's 'alien' to our world?;).....

    Annunaki came down to Earth from the 12th Planet; a planet called Nibiru; their story is told by Sumerians in the 'Enuma Elish' (When on high), and in the Lost Book of Enki, not to say anything about the Epic of Gilgamesh which tells the original story about the 'deluge' that was then reported at a later stage by the Bible too;) you'd be surprised to see how much the Annunaki's story has to do with the Biblical one;)

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    I'd just say that I knew that, already.

    I think all these religions are hogwash, anyways. Don't need no alien to let you see that.

    How can a "Religion" that's just 6,000 years old have the Knowledge of the Beginning and End of Days?

    If any fool believed that Adam and Eve were the first humans, then where did all the Negroids, Mongoloids and Caucusoids come from?

    Not to mention, the whole World would have people with congenital defects because of the in-breeding!?

    At least, there's a lot of good we can learn from Jesus Christ.

    And what about that insane lot of the "True Faith"?

    God, that's one crazy lot, if you ask me. And, nowadays they try to palm their crap off as "Scientific"?

    And do the love to copy and paste inane long winded meaningless quotations from their Book?


    Merry Christmas!!!!

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    How can you say that this cannot happen?

    The probability of the existence of a form of life in another planet is much higher than that of non-existence.

    There are so many galaxies, so many stars in a galaxy and probably many planets orbiting many stars. Why is it impossible that a form of life not exist out there. The aliens can be of any form, very advanced or not so advanced but their existence is more plausible than the existence of god.

    If man believes in religion and the existence of god, if many can believe someone who calls himself the prophet and that prophet lags behind in the scale of civilisation, is barbaric HOW can man not belive these advanced aliens?

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    I do not think so, I read in the bible something like: Another men will come and will say that he is the Christ, he will do miracles, and magic etc. He will have a lot of followers for many will believe him. I do not remember if it was the book of Revelations. Honestly I do not know what I would do. Good question.

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    Yes I would, I already believe so to be honest, I believe god is an alien, to take for ex: Jesus came with a ''star'', Mary got pregnant instantenously (similar to what women say who think they've been abducted), God created human after his own look ( humanoid). That what adds up for me. But still I believe in god even if he is an alien or not, I will believe in him always.

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    Faith and religion are personal in nature. While I believe that many would listen and agree, I doubt it'd make a hell of a lot of difference to most.

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    I agree with Ronin...6,000 years old but yet man is older than that...I also wonder how come the dinosaurs aren't mentioned in the bible...and to look out in space and think we are alone is arrogant and since there is life somewhere out there how did they get there? did God make them too? and most likely they won't look like us so in who's image were they made in?

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    Intelligence or lack of makes no difference in religion. It's faith. I would still believe.

    Merry Christmas.

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    why aren't you praying to God?

    are you trying to get a comfort from other's disbeliefs to confirm that it is ok to continue to live in sin? it does say in the " last days " that men would profess themselves to be wise and they became as fools. also, i got a question for you to ponder on......what if aliens came to this earth and told us that they too worshiped the almighty God? Would YOU listen? I'm not trying to bash you but, i'm amazed at the amount of people that are actually helping contribute to the fullfilling of prophesies. good luck in your quest and god bless you, my friend.

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