How do I make a DVD in Nero using *.VOB, *.IFO, & *.BUP files?

Okay, I have a zip containing these types of files... *.VOB, *.IFO, & *.BUP

I want to make a DVD out of these files & preserve the menus the way that they are. I know that the *.VOB are videos, the *.IFO are the menu info, and the *.BUP are their backups... but I can't seem to get them all on a DVD the right way.

I went to make a DVD with Nero the normal way, and it's ignoring the IFO and BUP files. How can I use these so that the menu works the way it was set up to do w/o creating my own ghetto menu? Nero is treating the VOB files just like mpegs... which they kind've are, aren't they?

How do I get the menu info to come along for the ride???

I know it says if I burn it like a data DVD, it's not going to play in the DVD player, ...or is it?




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  • 1 decade ago
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    Assuming all the files will fit on the DVD without compressing all you need to do is create a new DVD-Video and drag all the files into the VIDEO_TS directory and then burn the disk

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