What computer program?

Ok I'm looking for a compter program that is similar to Excel where I can enter any information into any cell.

However, this is for inventory.

So I would want an equation part of it also. I cannot find it on Excel and that is why im trying to look elsewhere.

I want to be able to know how much of an item I have on stock always.

Say I get 10 items shipped, so I enter 10 in the "recieving" cell and then it tells me 10 in the total.

Then I use 2 items, so I enter 2 in the "used" cell and then it tells me 8 in the total.

But then I buy 10 more, so I enter 10 in the "receiving" cell and it should give me 18 in the total.

I only got excel to give me 8 still. I understand but I have no idea.

If anyone can give me detailed instructions (don't know to much about Excel) or a program that will do this, that would be great.


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    I know some basics of Excel that I learned in school. There is an equation part to it. I can help you with it. I told you I know more about computers than you, but you didn't believe me. You should have asked me this question.

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    You cannot just enter "10" again and expect it to add 10. It will overwrite what you have in there with whatever you type in (in this case, 10). So, if you have 15 in receiving and 5 in used, the total will be 10, but it you replace the 15 in receiving with a 10 your total will be 5 because the 10 overwrote the 15.

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    Excel is capable of doing this, but you can also use the spreadsheet in the OpenOffice instead.

    In any case, you need more cells, e.g. a column for "receiving" inventory, and also for "used". Each time you receive something, you write it in a new "receiving" cell. In a separate cell (preferably in another column) you compute the sum over all "receiving" cells. Do the same for "used": each time you use a couple of items, write this down in a separate cell of the "used" column. Add this column together in a separate cell. The final inventory is the difference between the two sums.

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    You need to use Macros with Vb in this case where in you can record the input value & add it with the balance remaining value.

    as in u receive 10 then use 2 the balance would be 8 now again u received 10, now u need to add this to the balance (value of the balance cell) then use 5 more the balance will show u 13.

    Put up one macro for asking input for the receieved value & used value & then calculate the formula with the balance cell value.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Excel can already do this, and Microsft excel is the most used program in companies. You will find it very useful once you learn it.

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