Why do Hollywood people want to solve the problems of the world?

They are paid professional jesters. Entertain me, give me my $9.50 worth at the movies then go away.

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  • Gnome
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    1 decade ago
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    Well, finally someone sees the light!!

    Nothing grates me more than having someone who happens to be a celebrity because of showbusiness pretend to be authorities on anything!!

    Granted they have their opinions just like us, but the business they are in, somehow makes them delusional in the belief their opinions should carry any more weight than Joe Blow down the street.

    It is the fact they are in the spotlight because of the notoriety of being on the big screen which makes them more recognizable and somehow more authoritative.


    I don't deny there are some who are smarter than some of the socalled "leaders" we have elected to office, but why should their roles on the screen make them authority on anything?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I strongly disagree, I know if I had the power some celebrities had I would be so generous my fiancee would be furious. But with great power comes great responsibility (Spiderman the movie) if u have the means, the money, the motivation to aid in the world misfortunes (which are many), it is your moral obligation. Money to the poor, schools for the uneducated, hope for the hopeless, homes for the homeless, and guidance to the lost. So few celebrities actually stand up for something worthy, for once they "make it" they get wrapped up in a world all about themselves and their own status,fame and fortune that it takes a strong moral heart to "solve problems of the world". Now I assume you are talking about "Brangelina", I think if more celebrities were like them, Oprah, Tyra, Princess Di, Fergie, and that guy who won the first year on the "apprentice" , this world would be so giving, so loving, so full of hope & faith, so ideal, but alas, I am realistic, that is why it is called heaven. Only in heaven could the world be so perfect.

  • 1 decade ago

    How can you have a grudge against rich people trying to help the less fortunate? Nothing wrong with that. It's your $9.50 that made them rich, now they are giving back and you want to stop this....Moreover, they get the attention of the media just for being themselves, might as well send a message with that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't think they're just "jesters", and I don't think musicians are just "song and dance" men. Maybe not actors, but people like "writers/musicians/songwriters/directors" have brilliant minds, (how else did they excel to being able to do what they love for a living) that are very sensitive to the world around them.

    I guess their knowledge and money makes them able to see more of the world, and it's just kind of like sticking up for the injustices they see going on.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that funny. but you have to remember they are people too. and some of them actually care about the problems int he world. not all celebrities are fake and selfish

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