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Does anyone know what "LOVE HURTS" in LATIN IS?????

wanting a tattoo with the "love hurts" written in latin

please help me <3

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    Amor nocet - probably your best option

    Amor angit

    Amor sauciat

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    One word for love is "amo" and a word for hurts is "noceo," so a possibility would be "Amo noceo." However, I'd recommend verifying this with someone who has studied Latin recently (I haven't had it since high school) before you get anything permanent like a tattoo.

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    amor nocet

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    4 years ago

    a undemanding word for "my love" is "mea vita" which incredibly skill "my existence" yet, it may additionally advise "my love". to illustrate "the place are you, my love", "Ubi es, mea vita" :) wish this replaced into efficient :)

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