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What is the movie about give Good Details......10 points are on the line!!!

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    Its about the undead/paranormal being able to cross over into our world through high levels of frequency that were unlocked during a hacking. So now they want life since they dont have it and they start taking it from those using PCs, cellphones, palm pilots etc.

    The movie start of as eerily as "The Ring" but (SPOILER) has no conclusion. It actually leaves you wondering "So what now?..". It begins when one girl's boyfriend hacks a computer of someone who has discovered this frequency and inturn he unlocks the dead on a school campus where day-by-day people become missing. Soon it becomes an epedimic where people begin to show up missing; disappearing into dust or into walls, or killing themselves since the dead has sucked the life out of them.

    The DVD has an alternative ending that is almost twice as disappointing and Christina Milian has about a 10 total cameo throughout the whole film.

    Was hyped but completely lacked everything. No story, no explanations.. poor acting with a slight exception for the lead actress.

    I recommend you pass it up unless borrowed from a friend, still will be disappointing but at least you'll save the $$ spent on renting it. High Tension is a better horror flick if you like that genre, it has a more exciting storyline and ending.

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    Well, basically that our pursuit of technologisation will destroy us. With a twist of supernatural, meaning the ghosts.


    This dude finds a way to crash firewall protection and experimenting with frequencies opens a nasty one, allowing ghosts to come through into our world. The ghosts are envious of life and mass murder ensues.

    My honest opinion? Good horror, but it's Ian Somerhalder that makes it worth watching.

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