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Do you think Kanye West went to far with his "Touch the sky" video enough for Mr. Kneivel to sue him?

I personally dont think so, and I think its ridiculous. There have been other entertainers that have portrayed super heroes, what have you and you dont see the people who created them suing those individuals.

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    definitely not. I think sometimes people are just a little sue the way I loved that video.

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    Yeah. .. I definately think he did! Todays rap artists (and I use that term loosely) are a bunch of no talent dweebie friggin losers. They have no originality and no talent at all. . . as a result all they can do is plagerize or use people who actually had some character and talent in the past! The whole rap culture is based on hype and no substance!! They are a bunch of lazy , skanky, hoochie mamma screwing ghetto scumbuckets! They are a cancer on society!!!! We should give them all a bunch of guns and put them on an island somewhere and let them kill each other like 2lame Shakur and Big Scumbucket fatso or whatever his name was. The world would be a much better place without the rap culture and all the drugs and crime that comes with it! Those two losers are a perfect example of how pathetic the rap culture is. . . .they both had all the financial security they ever could have needed but they were and hung out with scumbags and had all their stupid ghetto hype! As a result they had each other killed. . . we should thank them for that. . . .Rest in peace scumbuckets!!! You both got what you deserved. . . now you are both rotting in hell with Hitler. . Dahmer. . . . and Mussolini. . . . save a chair at your table for Saddam, Clinton, 50 Cent. . and Eminem!!!!

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    I'm sure there is a lawyer somewheren who will take the case. And I'm sure somewhere there is a jury that will side with the plaintiff.

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