across the street from my house they are building a gravel pit . do i have any rights?

noise and dust who will ever buy my house? this has devisated the property value. what can i do?

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    So long as the company developing the pit has the proper permits and that there are no zoning or land use violations, there is not much you can do.

    Contact an attorney or county official if you are not sure about this, or where to find the information.

    PS- Ignore the answer from the person telling you to call OSHA (a99BLKDG). OSHA only deals with work place conditions and injuries, not nuisances to neighbors.

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    Check the zoning requirements and ask your insurance carrier and bank about how this effects your property values and insurance rates do to the gravel pit.

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    Check with the local zoneing board.. Then check with OSHA.the federal people.. then talk to the gravel people..[be polite, you can get more info that way].. look at tax records at town hall to see true owners.... I hate to say it but call a rip off s *** of the earth lawyer... Get with your neighbors to form a plan...maybe the pit will buy u out. good luk!

    Source(s): had same problem and couldent do a thing because they JUST had a gravel transfer pit. no diging!
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    If the land across the street is zoned industrial, there isn't much you can do. Yes, your land value will be lower, but it was already lower than it could have been simply because of the industrial zoning close by.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get a job there Flintstone ! And stop the gravelling at once! -Mr.Slate

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