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Where in the midwest is there a health camp for a morbidly obese person to get fit?

Is there a health camp/spa/clinic setting where a morbidly obese woman 500+ pounds can go to lose weight, get physical therapy, balance meds, work on nutrition related to diabetes, meditate, and learn skills on changing lifelong habits near the midwest?

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    AMA (American medical association) website is your best bet. There, they have doctors' names specializing in particular aspect of medicine. If I were you that's my starting point.

    Next, I will check that doctor's credentials, success rate etc..and call for the initial appt. I know you will find it difficult to travel there, so I am sure some do home visits.

    It starts with you. Of course, you have taken the first step. You have understood what needs to be done. Congratulations. Take small steps. You will be back to where you want again.

    It has taken 'this many years' to get here. Give yourself at least 'half this many years' to get back to where you want.

    You are beautiful and you will stay beautiful. Making small changes like this will pay off big.

    God bless.

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