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what are the meanest fish to have in a fish tank?

i have a 30 gallon tank and want a real mean fish in there i moved my other fish 2red devils a oscer and a blood parriot and i want a mean fish in my other tank

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    Jack dempsey cichlid (Or most Cichlids)


    Black convicts

    They will fight till the death.

  • Anonymous
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    piranhas are mean

    but so are so many cichlids from african lakes

    and also most of the cichlids from american river systems.

    red devils are mean, you need a 100gal tank for these grown up devils for one pair. even oscars need large space to move around. to keep these in a small 30gal tank would be like being mean to them.

    parrots are not that mean a fish.

    people have named so many fish in this post. if you want beautiful mean fish get a pair of KENYI, males are bright yellow color,and females are light blue both have vertical black bars on the sides.

    auratus are one mean fish too again these are cichlids.

    Betta males are mean to one another, not to the other kind of fish. so there can be only one male in a tank.

    Flowerhorns are very beautiful and quite mean. they will fight you if you get close to the tank. they are fun to watch too. they are a hybrid fish.

    you could look at so many websites for info on fish.

    i have listed a few sites, just google on cichlids.

  • Zoe
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    You could get a few piranhas; they would be cramped in 30 gallons but would be okay with weekly water changes of 40% and gravel vacs.

    Most african cichlids would be too big for a 30 gallon. You could maybe get away with keeping one male and two female yellow labs:

    Oscars are WAY to big for a 30 gallon. A proper sized oscar would be longer than the tank is wide. If you keep an oscar in that tank, he will be listless and lethargic.

    Another option would be tanganyikan shellies. They are little African cichlids, they breed easily, and must be kept with other Tang shellies or they will be too aggressive.





    Or, as someone said, a male betta. Put a mirror up to his tank for a few minutes each day if you want to see him puff up.

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    A tank full of African Cichlids would be pretty, they can ONLY be kept with their own kind. Or if you want a single big fish, a freshwater shark would be cool.

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    Try finding a snakehead, or a freshwater barracuda, they are nasty, and you cannot feed them except with a feeding stick.

    If you want a badass fish get an electric eel. You have to work with rubber gloves and even then if it gets pissed off you will get shocked on your @ss.

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    Pacus are very mean. They ate 5 of my 6 black skirt tetras. Finally had to give them to the fish store.

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    african cichlids they are horrible, Parana, even a brim out of your local river is really mean. actually brim are meaner than oscers or parana's i had a guy put one in the tank with his parana and tore up the parana.

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    n. predatory fish found in South America that attacks other fish living animals and occasionally humans

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    Snake head

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