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Do consequences dictate your course of action?

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    Depending on the severity of the consquence, it may or may not dictate your course of action.

    You must also consider the individual and his or her tendency to consider conseqence.

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    Yes. That doesn't necessarily mean that consequences are a directly acting force. In other words, the expectation of certain consequences also dictate course of action.

    The best way to develop an individual into a responsible human being is by instilling a reasonable fear from certain consequences and making that person aware that they are ultimately the one responsible for those consequences.

    This is only referring to negative consequences (also known as negative reinforcement). You punish a child for talking out of turn and the child learns not to touch a hot pan. The punishment you inflicted and the burning sensation are negative consequences coming from the child's actions.

    But remember, positive consequences dictate course of action. If someone (or some animal) knows that after performing an action there will be a positive consequence, that also helps the child determine what he or she wants to do. This positive reinforcement comes by the way of praising a child for talking (which encourages proper language development) or rewarding a child for good grades...

    It can also come back to haunt you if you let a child enjoy only positive consequences in his or her development because this means the child has little grasp over how responsible he or she is for ALL actions that it takes. A healthy balance of positive and negative reinforcement based on a child's actions teach him responsibility at an early age.

    Source(s): Introduction to Psychology- [can't remember the author]
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    Having known way too many people who have said they would never get caught, I guess the way these days is to feel invincible, especially to consequences.

    I definitely consider what could happen if I do this or that. Sometimes the "threat" of a consequence, like gaining an ounce if I eat a piece of cheesecake, is not enough to make the difference, at least not to me. If the threat is jail, then hell yes, I think about that a lot.

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    LOL most people are thick and do not think about the consequences of their actions. Either that or they simply cannot comprehend that their behaviour itself is operational in creating or aggravating a certain situation, I feel people are more dictated by what they are feeling at the moment rather than think about the consequences of their actions.

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    In most circumstances I will think of the possible consequences before acting. Sometimes I just move ahead and worry about consequences later.

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    Sometimes I think before I do because the consequences my not be worth the action... but sometimes I dont think before I do and I later find out the consequences are really bad and werent worth the act... just think before you go off and do something because results are not always good.

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    Most of the time, yes. There are circumstances where I feel like I just have to do what's right no matter what the consequences.

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    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But if you are on the fence and unsure as to what you should do...try to envision the result that you will be creating and always consider others' lives that may be affected by your decision.

    Very simply...

    good feelings along with good thoughts = the right way to go

    bad feelings along with bad thoughts = the wrong way to go

    Try to trust your thoughts and your feelings together as one entity.

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    Always, punishment and reward is the reason for anyone to do anything. Why would do something, if it didn't benefit them in some way big or small? It basically goes back to the social contract. You agree not to hurt me, I agree not to hurt you. You agree to help me, I agree to help you.

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