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How can I "get over" someone?

everytime i think of this person, it makes me lonely... sometimes i'm losing my focus.

i wanna forget all about it. start anew. focus on my studies... but i can't.

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    The last two words in your question is where you should focus. "I can't". With that attitude, you won't. And it isn't forgetting that you need, its moving on. Just decide thats what you want to do...AND DO IT. No other way.

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    Well i would suggest you do 'get over him' ...i know its hard, but as your studying that would be the best options right now. If it helps try thinking about this person only when you have finished studying!!

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    Hang out with your friends. Let someone know that you are trying to get over someone. Keep busy with other things. With time you will be able to move on. It just takes time.

    Finding someone new always helps.

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    try to make yourself busy and do other things...only time will heal the pain and make you forget..but if it doesnt work then you might be depressed, see a therapist or your doctor to try and help you. good luck and

    Merry Xmas!

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    Get good and drunk the answer will be at the bottom of the last jug you empty, Cheers

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    If their dead then its normal.

    If its just a Break up here is what I do.


    Burn all of the stuff that was yours together. Pictures, letters etc.

    It worked for me.

  • I'm with the fire guy. Only I was a little more violent with it than he was. Nevertheless, it works.

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    the best way is to move on, go out have some fun.... put your mind on other things

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    Find someone else.

  • Billie
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    1 decade ago

    write that down...once it's on the paper it's not in your mind...

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