lepercons myth or just midgets in old Ireland?

is it true that lepercons were just middgets that were shunned from their towns because they were different in ireland?


ok sorry people i could get the spelling down lol and it wasnt in the spell check

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    Leprechauns are the Christian perversion of one of the greatest Celtic Heroes in the ancient stories.

    Lugh Lambfhada (Pagans will recognize that name and the celebration known as Lunasa.... actually the original celebration was Lugh'nassadh).

    Lugh was a skilled artisan and warrior; mastery every skill known to humankind at the time. A skilled musician, poet, warrior, muse, doctor, swordsman, charioteer, and blacksmith.

    It was this last skill that set him apart and was the last one he learned (and some say deified for).

    The ancient Celtic Christians were unable to shake the faith of the rest of Ireland and slowly began to 'subvert' the deities and the fastest way to do that was to "make them smaller".

    The Irish Book of the Invasions tells us that Lugh and the rest of the Tuatha DeDanaan were relegated to the lower side of Ireland. It was a cruel joke played on the Tuatha and they ended up finding out that instead of inheriting the 'south side' of the island, they had inherited the 'land beneath' Ireland.

    The Tuatha were all made into midgets by the Christian Church, the Irish and Scots rebelled at the thought and many wars ensued. But to the victors go the right to re-write history....

    Source(s): So the Christian church, after finally killing off the rest of the Pagans continued their pathetic 'twistings' of Irish history and mythos. Lugh Lamfada is now a tiny little green dude on a box of 'Lucky Charms' cereal. The greatest Irish hero in history, and the 'pro-genitor' of the Campbell Clan from Scotland......... reduced to repairing shoes in the middle of the night and a 'cute commercial' on TV Imagine 2000 years from now when we'll see "Jesus Flakes"..!!! 'New toasty little flakes that walk on water and have just a HINT of Frankinsence and Myrrh'.
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    No, Leprechauns are part of that pagan past before Christianity and like most cultures they were the product of superstitious fear

    By the way I do prefer your spelling it just seems better..

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    from my understanding from reading their were people on the island that is now Ireland prior to the influx of people who where the Celtic people who brought their pagan religion. The earlier people got taken over and beliefs got demoted to elves, fairies, leprechauns.

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    we have lived in ireland for generations. they dont and never existed,just something we invented too keep de yanks comin back to try find them. seriously though just a term of degradation used to describe what couldnt be explained like witches,they werent small or magical just outcast

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    I am Irish and have never heard this. I think every world culture has a little people and giant people mythos. I for one have never mistaken a leprecon for a midget.


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    who knows? other cultures also have myths of tiny people. by the way, it's called leprechaun.

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    the are little people

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