What is "I"?

Your thoughts about the metaphysical correlates of self-referral:

a) What do you mean when you say I?

b) What is taking place in one's being when one is saying "I" or thinking about oneself? Is one's being expanding or shrinking? Is one becoming or degenerating?

c) What is the relationship of selfishness to self-referral (I)?

d) What must happen for someone to have the potential to refer to oneself?

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    a) "I" is placing or associating your identity with a particular situation, feeling or emotion.

    b) When someone says "I" they are verbally expressing their inner feelings and true self - their likes,dislikes, desires etc...This would bring an awareness of who they are to others and themselves. Through the verbal expression of "I" an individual would be developing and growing in knowledge of themselves whether good or bad.

    c) Selfishness has no other association with self- referral other than making one's selfishness known to others. A selfiish individual has issues running deeper than than what they say.

    d) In order to refer to oneself takes self awareness,self confidence and an appreciation of individuality in yourself and others.

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    1 decade ago

    "I" is all there is and all the rest revolves around it. Subject defines every object..... everything has an identity only in the context of "I"............ deeper thinking reveals that "I" in itself is God or the supreme subject and only when subjugated to object such as 'my' 'mine' etc. that selfishness or narrowing takes place.

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    It means "I" should do my own homework for intro classes or else "I" won't end up learning anything and when it comes time for an exam "I" will fail.

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    1 decade ago


    indefinite desires but limited capabilities,

    indefinite wonder but definite realization.

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