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how do you know when a boy likes you?

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    we act stupider than normal and are always trying to touch you. then we call when we have nothing to say. some times we walk into walls when you walk by, and we use big words that we have no idea the meaning of. we might try to beat up the puniest guy around just to show we're tough, and although we may only shower when we can smell ourselves we will use hygene products like hair gel when we know we might see you.... so if the guy your thinking about is smart, respects your space, calls only when he has something to say, is articulate, clean and groomed and sensitive enough not to start fights....... he's gay..... and will make a great friend for a faghag!

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    It takes time to know if a boy likes you. Attracted and likes are different right?

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    if he asks u a lot of questions about urself.

    he looks at u in a special way.

    he get jealous when another boy will be with u.

    he will be with u most of the time and asking about u ur friends.

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    he looks at u a lot.. smiles and says hi to you whenever he passes u.. and he's nervous when he first asks u out..

    but maybe those who really like you are those around you..those u see everyday..those u talk n play with everyday.. those who are already close enough to u that they don't think ought to say it aloud.. cuz they're afraid they might screw everythin up by telling u..

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    your heart will tell u(after all)

    u will notice his care abt u

    his worry if u are absent

    smile in ur face

    the way he looks at u

    may ignore others 4 u

    and the famous word from 4 letters

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  • When he likes to flirt with you or he gives you a look that makes your stomach like flutter!!!!! and theres alot of physical tension between you two!!

  • 1 decade ago

    he watches you from a distance and if your lucky he comes up to you to say hi and asks you out.

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    trust me you will no because he will either go all funny around you or he will come on to you quite strongly!!

  • 1 decade ago

    the way he looks at you

  • 1 decade ago

    He tells you

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