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Atheists & theists: Define reality and real?


"I know...Do You??"...can you please think for yourself for a change, if i wanted the answer you gave me i could have just googled it!

Update 2:

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    There is no definition for real or unreal. Reality perceived by you may not be reality perceived by others. A flying pig may be the most real thing to a guy high on drugs, yet it would make no sense to a person in another mental state. Like when you're flying in your dream - you know how to do it, you know why it works, it's that easy. You can say that dreams are only real as long as they last. Couldn't you say the same for 'real' life?

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    Reality= "everything that exists"

    Real= "something that exists"

    The main difference is the first is plural and the second is singular.

    In the larger sub-text however is the hidden 'reality' that the plural is composed of many of the singular things. That the plural cannot be comprehended without a full understanding of the singular.

    That is the main difference between a "Theist" and an "A-Theist".

    A "Theist" only 'believes' what he/she 'knows'.

    But they shun knowledge if it contradicts those beliefs.

    An "Atheist" only 'knows' what he/she 'believes'.

    But they shun faith if it contradicts that knowledge.

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    If what you're trying to get to is that no matter what our "reality" and "real" is tainted by subjectivity, your argument won't go too far. What is real is what objectively exists without my presence or influence needed, so unless you want to say that everything is a product of my mind, which is dishonest bullshit because you know you exist, you basically don't have much philosphical debate here plato. Maybe its time you get out of the cave?

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    Reality can be prov en by the laws of Aristotelian logic.

    the law of identity ~ A is A and is always A

    the law of non-contradiction A can never be B

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    Cant do it. I can only give a definition of my subjective reality and what is real to me. Ask a person who is hallucinating what is real and they will tell you all sorts of crazy things. Those things exist to them. They can even feel them. We have no idea what real is. We can only register a small slither of the electromagnetic spectrum. We look at existence through a pinhole.

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    Reality: because no one is objective, the world as percieved by me. Real: anything/anyone that exist in my plane of reality.

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    Main Entry: 1re·al

    Pronunciation: 'rE(-&)l

    Function: adjective

    Etymology: Middle English, real, relating to things (in law), from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin & Late Latin; Medieval Latin realis relating to things (in law), from Late Latin, real, from Latin res thing, fact; akin to Sanskrit rayi property

    1 : of or relating to fixed, permanent, or immovable things (as lands or tenements)

    2 a : not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory : GENUINE <real gold>; also : being precisely what the name implies <a real professional> b (1) : occurring or existing in actuality <saw a real live celebrity> <a story of real life> (2) : of or relating to practical or everyday concerns or activities <left school to live in the real world> (3) : existing as a physical entity and having properties that deviate from an ideal, law, or standard <a real gas> -- compare IDEAL 3b c : having objective independent existence <unable to believe that what he saw was real> d : FUNDAMENTAL, ESSENTIAL e (1) : belonging to or having elements or components that belong to the set of real numbers <the real roots of an equation> <a real matrix> (2) : concerned with or containing real numbers <real analysis> (3) : REAL-VALUED <real variable> f : measured by purchasing power <real income> <real dollars> g : COMPLETE, UTTER <a real fiasco>

    3 of a particle : capable of being detected -- compare VIRTUAL 3


    Main Entry: re·al·i·ty

    Pronunciation: rE-'a-l&-tE

    Function: noun

    Inflected Form(s): plural -ties

    1 : the quality or state of being real

    2 a (1) : a real event, entity, or state of affairs <his dream became a reality> (2) : the totality of real things and events <trying to escape from reality> b : something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily

    3 : television programming that features videos of actual occurrences (as a police chase, stunt, or natural disaster) -- often used attributively <reality TV>

    Just look it up next time....

    See, that wasn't part of the question now was it!?! I do think for myself..and I think this question is ridiculous. I gave you a response.

    Source(s): Atheism...ain't life grand!?!
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    Real yourself pinch yourself

    Reality walk outside

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    I'll give it a shot:

    Real is something that has properties that can be measured.

    Reality is a collection of everything real.

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