divorced women please tell me?

divorced women, please tell me: 1. if you were divorced because there was a third wheel appeared between you and your exhusband, then, tell me, why you were so encouraged to risk so many---your husband, your family, your kids, your longly-built cozy home---to get along with the man intruded in between you and your ex-husband? why it cost so much? do you regret? 2. do you still contact with the man who broke your family, do you still miss him? why? if you do, tell me, what in that man attracted you so much? 3. when you are in trouble, who will be first appearing in your mind? where is the one who broke your family now? 4. after you were divorced, what's your condition now? how do you pass the lone times?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i divorced my ex-husband because he had an afair with my younger sister, they have a child togerther. i dont contact him but he does call our children from time to time. i dont see my sister very often because she thinks its my fault. when i am in trouble i call on myself and work it out. i am remarried and have a wonderful husband who loves me and my children very much. oh yea i took my ex to court and his azz has to pay me $700 a month in child support!

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    Me and my hubby are split because he destroyed our marriage in more ways than one. Physical & verbal abuse, cheating, porn, not paying attention to me or the kids, making fun of me going to church, etc... We were renting my parents home. We had been married for 6+ years. Have 2 beautiful children. During the divorce, I have met someone. I don't regret meeting them because I believe that God put us together because of me needing someone to lean on. What attracts me the most about him is his personal walk with God. If I am ever in trouble, I will always call on God first, then my family, and then maybe the guy I have met. My condition now is great. Court date on Jan 8th and my children are happy and there is peace in our new home. Lonely times? Things never get lonely with 2 kids and God to kep you company. Good Luck to you!

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    to many questions! I got a divorce because my husband was abusive. there were no 3rd party people involved and no I have never regretted it. When in trouble the first person that comes to mind is God.

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