What do you think of the horse fossil record showing the transitional states of horse evolution? And what of the Pakistani whale fossils that show a transition from land mammal to aquatic? If this doesn't bridge the gap between micro an macro evolution for you, what will?

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    Horses and whales.

    That's it?

    What about the rest of the transitional forms of the rest of the animals? Where are they?

    Or the missing links between humans and apes? 9/12 of them are no longer valid. Only three stand and they too will be found out the be frauds or classified incorrectly.

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    You cant reach the true believers - they reject any evidence - in fact they're so stupid if you show them a transitional fossil they'll be happy - they'll say 'Aha - now there are two gaps!'

    To expect a complete fossil record is absurd. The proof is there for anyone to see. Creationists seem to know that what they're spouting is false because of the way they fight dirty in debates and wilfully and repeatedly take scientists quotes out of context.

    I don't think evolution disproves that God exists (you cant disprove anything exists actually) so I dont know why people dont become a bit more sophisticated and take it on board, try integrating it in to their religious beliefs.

    I dont think any sensible, intelligent person believes the literal truth of the genesis story. I guess what bothers them is that if they concede that its false or allegory they'll wonder what else in the bible is made up nonsense.

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    An etching on the fossil saying, "I God, am telling you that this is a transitional form." And it should be in American English and Arabic, since Muslims and American Christians seem to be the main groups afflicted with this virulent form of anti-scientism.

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    The answer is: NOTHING. Christian "scientists" try to say those fossils either don't exist or are false all-together. Worse I've heard is that each is its own animal and that it is just a coincidence they appear transtitionally through the geological scale.

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    Absolutely, but do remember that the "Traditional" horse evolution chart is highly edited. The actual horse tree is far more complex.

    Also, what about the fantastic "feathered dinosaurs" coming out of China? Proof - as if it were needed - of exactly where birds came from.

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    They don't think about them. You can show them thousands of transitional fossils and they would just look at you blankly and say in a zombie like voice there are no transitional fossils.

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    I don't think they really care about transitional animal fossils. Even if we were to prove that every animal on the planet evolved they would say God created humans differently.

    Come on, some of them believe the mark of Cain was when their god gave Cain black skin, others believe it was when their god gave him white skin. They are prejudiced.

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    1 decade ago

    fossils are cool

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    These, and many others, are good examples. Not think on this: How is it that the human brain capacity jumped from 70cc to 1750cc in a few thousand years? What prompted that do you think?

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    I have no doubt in my mind that animal have slowly evolved through life to become more resiliant to the conditions. We even see bacteria (staph) do it now.

    What I don't believe is that human derived from apes. Both still exist now...and I just would rather believe I was created on purpose by a Creator, rather than just 'happend to exist'.

    **And yes, we do believe in gravity. We aren't idiots.**

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