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cubed roots?

1. how does little 3 SR7 the same as f(x) = x^3 - 7

2. how do i find the cubed root without a calculator?

i know that regular square root..you just do it to the exponent (1/2)

is it just (1/3) for cubed roots?


i have a TI-83 plus

i found something like little x SR in the Math button

not sure how to use it

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    1. I'm not sure what you mean by little 3, but in any case I don't believe that little 3 sqrt(7) can possibly be the same as f(x)=x^3-7.

    2.There is a method of manually computing the cube root of a number just as there is a manual way to compute the square root of a number. It can also be obtaine by using series for x^1/3 or by using a table of logarithms.

    a + b d/(b d + aD)(b - a),

    where a3 < N < b3, d = N - a3, D = b3 - N.

    is a formula used by Heron to find cube root of N..

    Yes x^1/3 means cube root of x and x^.01 means the 100th root of x.

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    Yes that is correct ^(1/3)

    Your calculator may have a function that reads x sr y

    If so put x as 3 and y as 7

    It is only possible to find via trial and error with out a calculator and you will have to be very good at multiplication to do this.

    f(x) = x^3 -7

    rearranges to


    x= cube root 7


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    The dice root in fact takes a achievable and divides by 3. when you consider that 16 is two^4, it may nevertheless be decreased. 2^(3/3)*2^(a million/3)=2 * dice-root(2) in case you ever have a question about particularly a range is able to be decreased, then examine if any of the powers are a minimum of the foundation you want to take. because the assertion 4=>3 is authentic, achievable decrease 16, to illustrate. ::EDIT:: Nicolas, the poster needed the dice root of 16, no longer 16. in case you do the dice root with Calc.exe or such, then you will see that dice-root of 16 is two times the dice-root of two.

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    to find a cubed root without a calc you need to do prime factorization and asin finding th square root you take pairs of the factors you take sets of three and find the root

    and yes (1/3) is the exponent for cubed roots

    first tpye the number (suppose n) on your calc and then the xSR button and then the number you want to take the nth root of if it is ES then do the thing the first guy said

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    Try this for finding cube roots by longhand. Yes, a cube root can be expressed by using the exponent: 1/3.


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