Macbeth- help?

i need to introduce lady macbeth and basically talk about her (ironically) in a banquet or something. what can i say? i need to write about 450 words...~.~

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    Look at her character traits (not great, but she was a feminist) and use those in a wry manner.

    While Macbeth lacked decisiveness Macbeth's wife had a bloodthirsty lust for power and wealth.

    She swore off her femininity early in the play.

    She was very ambitious and a consummate schemer.

    A victim of nightmares and hallucinations.

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    Go to and type Macbeth in the search panel and u will get a list in which u choose characters and then u will get a list where u can click on lady MACBETH and then on a hyperlink which says in=depth analysis

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    Lady Macbeth was mad in every sense of it. The pacing, the washing of the hands, and finally her suicide. This is the end of her reign, but it was her lust for power, greatness, prestige that got her to that point. She was ambitious, she wanted it more than Macbeth to begin with. She can be compared with other feminists and with other female rulers, however in the end all she she yearned for was power.

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    U can start with Macbeth victories and then finaly introduce lady macbeth by saying she was behind the macbeth's victories and contiue abt her...

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    just identify lady macbeth first and then talk about her role she played in the story imean what she had done in the story

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    if you go to or something similar to that they will have ideas or look up a website about Macbeth.

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