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Which digiCam to buy?

Can anyone help me with this tough choice. Which DigiCam to buy? should be both economically viable and should have nice features...(should be either sony or cannon).

Any Suggestions????

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    I think the best deal of the season is the Canon Powershot A530. It has been on sale at numberous big box stores below $130. That's a good price on a good camera. The A530 was selling for $180 not too long ago. I've recommended this camera within my own family, so I'll be living with the results of this recommendation right along with you. You can use the rest of your budget to buy a decent memory card.

    Go here and read an extensive review:


    Skip to this page if you just want the final word:


    Check the sample images, too.

    This will blow your mind:


    If you find a little more in the budget...


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    well, i'd say go for the sony cybershot range

    there are 2 types of cybershot cameras

    one is in which the camera is thick and the lens/zoom is huge and only one color is available, silver

    but in the other one, it's slim, the lenz/zoom is miniscule, the zoom does not protrude out of the camera (it's optical zoom, don't worry), the lens can be covered and it's available in 2 colors- black and cream

    the second one is a wee bit costlier, but makes it worth the price

    i have a 6 mpx one and i love it, 7 mpx is available too

    i have also noticed the kodak dual lens camera, it seems pretty promising, but i had rather stick to sony for the brand name

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    Cannon - Shoot high quality digital photos with Canon PowerShot digital cameras. Canon PowerShot cameras offer the best in digital camera technology, style and ease of use. Canon's optics, DIGIC processor and stunning design make PowerShot digital cameras the best choice for photographers at any level. Learn more about

    Sony - sony have stylo and pixels type of digital camera/cheap

    If i, i would choose Sony coz it has so many type of digital camera,cheap and teenagers would love it.

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    i ought to signify getting a canon digital camera. both the SD800 or SD900 are a good purchase. if cost is your difficulty bypass for a kodak digital camera. kodak released a sparkling 8 megapixel digital camera for lower than $199 some weeks in the past. i examined the digital camera at bestbuy and that i gotta say its one hell of a digital camera. style i experience is the v803. examine it out. you wont be dissapointed.

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